What happens when you let Stephen stay in Sun Haven? Read on to find out.

Sun Haven: Should You Let Stephen Stay?

What happens when you let Stephen stay in Sun Haven? Read on to find out.

Relatively early in Sun Haven‘s story, you’ll be tasked with heading into the east woods to confront some bandits. Near the end of the quest, you’ll have to decide the fate of Stephen, one of the bandits who doesn’t seem like that bad of a guy. Should you let Stephen join Sun Haven, or should you turn him away?

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Should You Keep Stephen in Sun Haven?

Harvest Moon and Story of Seasons players should be familiar with this sort of scenario, as this trope has appeared in those series through the years more than once.

Stephen seems like he’s down on his luck, but isn’t necessarily a threat and could even turn a new leaf with the right guidance. You’re not the person to give that guidance, but maybe someone else in Sun Haven can.

The reality is that nothing actually happens if you let Stephen stay in Sun Haven, nor if you turn him away. This may be a quest that will be added to the game later, but as it stands, there aren’t any benefits or repercussions for letting him stay.

If you choose to let Stephen stay, he’ll stay at the tavern and work there for Mari and Ronald. You’ll be able to see him at a table when you visit the tavern and he’ll express his gratitude, but that’s the extent of your interactions with him.

Whether you choose to let Stephen stay or not will come down to how you imagine your character to act socially more than anything else. This is the case for many of the game’s choices since how you act in social situations doesn’t actually impact much. You know what does matter? Whether you complete your museum bundles, since you get some nice rewards for completing them. Look for more Sun Haven guides here on GameSkinny.

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