Super Bomberman R Story and Boss Guide

Want to know how to beat the bosses and unlock characters in Super Bomberman R? Then check out this detailed guide!

Want to know how to beat the bosses and unlock characters in Super Bomberman R? Then check out this detailed guide!

Super Bomberman R has a story mode that requires you to complete some sort of objective each level until you reach the boss of that world. These range from just defeating all enemies to collecting keys. The bosses all have a special mechanic and come in 2 parts.

I’m going to go over the different things you can do in story mode, as well as the rewards for completing it. If you are just getting into Bomberman, be sure to check out my Beginner Tips and Tricks for early help with the game.

This guide will go over everything about story mode in Super Bomberman R, including:

  • Story Mode Objectives – The different types of objectives you will come across while playing story mode.
  • Boss Tips – What each boss does and tips on beating them.
  • Story Mode Rewards – What you get for beating story mode.

Story Mode Objectives

The story mode is traditional and broken up into different worlds. Each world requires you to complete levels until you reach the boss. Each level requires you to complete an objective before you can move on. At first it is simply defeat all enemies, but it starts to change as you progress through the game.

Walk over Switches

These levels have a certain number of switches that you must walk over to activate. There is another version of this late in the game that has them hidden, so you must blow things up until you find them.

Collect Keys

These levels require you to collect a certain number of keys before you can move on. You can find them by blowing up blocks.


These levels have people scattered throughout the level that you must rescue. You have to walk over them to have them follow you, then take them to the goal.

If they are hit by a bomb blast, they will return to their original spot, so you have to rescue them again. You also must have all of the people with you at once before you can deliver them to their destination.


These levels require you to survive constantly spawning enemies until the time runs out. After the timer hits 0, you can leave the level.

Boss Tips

Each world has 2 boss levels. The 1st is a normal fight against 1 of the 5 dastardly bombers. The 2nd is a fight against a giant machine version.

World 1: Magnet Bomber

Part 1

This guy sometimes sets bombs that will follow you. He is one of the hardest bombers to beat in normal form, even though he’s the first you fight.

You can use his magnet bombs to your advantage since they follow you. Run to Magnet bomber when you are being followed and set another bomb to trap him.

Part 2

super bomberman r world 1 boss

This is a crab tank that is easy to beat. Simply bomb its 6 legs to make it collapse. After that, keep blowing it up up while it is on the ground to damage him. It will get up after a short time, so you may have to do it 2-3 times.

World 2: Golem Bomber

Part 1

This is a massive guy that can squash you if he gets close. Try to keep your distance and block off paths to take him down.

Part 2 

This giant robot continually spins around, breathes fire from the front, and calls down blasts to hit you.

Bomb his 4 yellow legs to make him collapse, then bomb his head to damage him. When the yellow legs change color, that means you destroyed it. This takes 2 hits.

I suggest bombing his back legs first, then the front. This way when he collapses, you won’t have to go far and lose time bombing his head.

super bomberman r world 2 boss


World 3: Phantom Bomber

Part 1

This bomber sometimes sets “phantom” bombs. These are fake bombs that do not blow up, and you can walk right through them. The only way to tell is by trying to walk through it.

Whenever he sets a bomb, just go to it to see if it is fake. If it is, use this time to trap him.

Part 2

This is a floating machine that is is a little tricky. You can’t damage it at first, but there are 4 lights in each corner of the room. Blow up each of these lights to make him fall, then go down to bomb him. You will have to repeat this multiple times until you win.

super bomberman r world 3 boss

World 4: Karaoke Bomber

Part 1

She sets bombs that explode when you get close, so she can be hard to beat. I actually used her own bomb to kill her by kicking a bomb towards her and having it go off early to detonate when it was close to her.

Part 2

She flies around in a heart-shaped machine with wings. The trick is to wait until her wings go on the ground, then bomb them. This happens when she makes an electric gate you have to stay out of and when she thrown them underneath her.

Once you’ve bombed all 4, she will fall and you can damage her.

super bomberman r world 4 boss


World 5: Plasma Bomber

Part 1

Plasma Bomber sets bombs that can explode at different times, so you have to be careful. Just be aware when he sets a special bomb, and trap him while he is setting one down.

Part 2

This version has him in a ship that can punch you or bombs. Set bombs in front of him when he is about to punch, then he will hit hit it and fall down. Use this time to damage him. Repeat until you win.

super bomberman r world 5 boss

World 6: Buggler

Part 1

This is a giant boss battle that combines mechanics from all 5 dastardly bombers. You will need to go to both sides and bomb when the shoulders are lowered. After doing both side 2-3 times, you can go to the front to damage him.

Watch for his fists, because they will stop bombs from exploding. You will also need to use the jump pads to reach his shoulders.

Part 2

This is the same concept as part 1, but you must use moving platforms to get around the boss. You will need to time your bombs so that you can get on the platforms and back to the middle as quick as possible, or you will miss your chance to damage him.

Watch out for his fist and beam attacks, especially when on the side.

super bomberman r world 6 boss


Story Mode Rewards

Once you complete the story mode for the first time, you will unlock the ability to buy all 5 dastardly bombers in the shop. They each cost 5,000 and can even be used in online multiplayer.

Also, once you beat the game, you will be able to select any world to replay. Completing each world gets you money, which you can use to buy those characters, head customizations, or levels.

You will get more money based on the number of lives you have at the end of the level, not using any continues, and the number of items you collect during the world.

You still have to play the entire world though, and can’t just go back to each boss. Still, this is the easiest method for gaining money, unless you can win a lot in ranked mode online.

That’s it for my Story and boss guide for Super Bomberman R. Let me know if you have any questions!

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