Super Mario Bros. Wonder: Secret Exit Locations

Here's where to find every secret exit in Super Mario Bros. Wonder.

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Wonder seeds are an important item in Mario’s newest adventure. Indeed, you’ll want to seek them all out. However, some are hidden in undisclosed locations. If you want to find them all, you’ll need to know all of the secret exit locations in Super Mario Bros. Wonder.

Where to Find All Secret Exit Locations in Super Mario Bros. Wonder

Piranha Plants on Parade (World 1)

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The first secret exit location is in World 1’s Piranha Plants on Parade. To find this exit, you’ll need to get past the part of the level where you get the Wonder Flower. After the auto-scrolling section ends, you’ll see a floating platform with three pipes sticking out of the bottom. Use the music blocks to jump high enough to reach the top of the platform. You’ll find a red pup that will lead you to the secret exit. 

Bulrush Coming Through! (World 1)

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For the secret exit in Bulrush Coming Through!, make your way past the checkpoint flag where there’s a Bulrush. Let it charge past you and have it break the block that has the Wonder Flower. While the Wonder Effect does its wonderful thing, ride on the back of the stampede. They’ll break the first flagpole and lead to the secret level exit. 

Bulrush Express (World 1)

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To reach this secret exit, make sure you have an extra Elephant Fruit that you can use at the end of the level. Ride the stampede like you normally would to finish the level. At the end, you’ll see a wall of bricks by a red pipe. Turn into an elephant and break through all of the bricks to reach the secret exit. 

Outmaway Valley (World 2)

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For Outmaway Valley’s secret exit, you’ll need to get the Wonder Flower. About halfway through the level, you’ll see a giant ice block next to two golden pips in the background. Break the ice and get the Wonder Flower. You’ll ride a giant snowball going through the entire level that will lead you to the secret exit. 

Secrets of Shova Mansion (World 4)

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To find the secret exit for Secrets of Shova Mansion, make your way past the checkpoint flagpole. Beyond, you’ll see some bricks in the floor of the level next to a green platform that you can push. Break the bricks with a ground pound and push the platform into the pit you made. A yellow pipe will appear that’ll lead you to the secret exit.

Where the Rrrumbas Rule (World 6)

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For the secret exit in Rrrumbas Rule, make sure that you have a Drill power-up. Make your way through the level until you come to a tall wall with gray blocks next to it. Use your power-up, and drill into the ceiling, taking the path to your right. Past the wall, you’ll see a rock that you can push to destroy the gray blocks. You’ll find a pipe that’ll take you to the secret exit.

Hot-Hot Hot! (World 6)

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The final secret exit is in Hot-Hot Hot! For this one, go through the level until you get to the checkpoint. You’ll be in an area with a bunch of heated blocks. There will be a large tower that you need to climb. You can jump on the heated blocks to the left of the tower that’ll lead to the clouds. There’s a flower that’ll spawn a purple light that you can follow. It will turn into a door that leads to the secret exit. 

Those are all the secret exit locations in Super Mario Bros. Wonder. For more guides and tips, check out our dedicated guides hub!

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