Find out where to get each and every outfit and hat from Super Mario Odyssey in this guide.

Super Mario Odyssey: Complete Outfits and Costumes Guide

Find out where to get each and every outfit and hat from Super Mario Odyssey in this guide.

Super Mario Odyssey is out and it’s the most aesthetically pleasing Mario game to date! We thought the Switch hit it big with the world they gave to us in Breath of the Wild, but Odyssey is getting rave reviews that no one seemed to expect. It’s hard not to be captivated by a game this beautiful.

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Part of being so beautiful comes from allowing the player to be as beautiful as they want to be, and in Super Mario Odyssey there are dozens of hats, outfits, and full costumes that allow you to personalize your experience while advancing through each kingdom. In this guide, I’ll show you how to get each of those cosmetics!

Shop Costumes in Super Mario Odyssey

Crazy Cap Shops are scattered all throughout Super Mario Odyssey‘s kingdoms, and this is where you’ll be snatching up most of your outfits and hats.

There’s only one shop per Kingdom, so locating where to purchase them by using the table below should be simple. For example, a costume sold in the Sand Kingdom is found at the Tostarena Crazy Cap Shop.

Costume Parts Cost Kingdom
Aviator Cap & Aviator Outfit 5/10 purple coins Lost
Black Fedora & Black Suit 50/150 gold coins Metro
Black Top Hat & Black Tuxedo 5/10 purple coins Cap
Builder Helmet & Builder Outfit 5/10 purple coins Metro
Caveman Headwear & Caveman Outfit 5/10 purple coins Cascade
Chef Hat & Chef Suit 5/10 purple coins Luncheon
Classic Cap & Classic Suit 50/150 gold coins Mushroom
Clown Hat & Clown Suit 50/150 gold coins Gourmet
Cowboy Hat & Cowboy Outfit 20/25 purple coins Sand
Employee Cap & Employee Uniform 50/150 gold coins Sand
Explorer Hat & Explorer Outfit 5/10 purple coins Wooded
Fashionable Cap & Fashionable Outfit 50/150 gold coins Lake
Football Helmet & Football Uniform 50/150 gold coins Moon
Golf Cap & Golf Outfit 20/25 purple coins Metro
Happi Headband & Happi Outfit 20/25 purple coins Bowser’s
Mario 64 Cap & Mario 64 Suit 15/20 purple coins Mushroom
Mechanic Cap & Mechanic Outfit 50/150 gold coins Wooded
Painter’s Cap & Painter Outfit 20/25 purple coins Luncheon
Pirate Hat & Pirate Outfit 50/150 gold coins Seaside
Resort Hat & Resort Outfit 5/10 purple coins Seaside
Sailor Hat & Sailor Suit 20/25 purple coins Seaside
Samurai Helmet & Samurai Armor 5/10 purple coins Bowser’s
Scientist Visor & Scientist Outfit 20/25 purple coins Wooded
Snow Hood & Snow Suit 5/10 purple coins Snow
Sombrero & Poncho 5/10 purple coins Sand
Space Helmet & Space Suit 5/10 purple coins Moon
Swim Goggles & Swimwear Free Lake

Amiibo Costumes in Super Mario Odyssey

In Super Mario Odyssey, the outfits and hats you get from Amiibo figures aren’t exclusive and you can get them by other means. However, having Amiibos on hand is definitely a good shortcut. Amiibo figures are pretty valuable as they come with special power-ups. For example, a Mario Amiibo will grant you 30 seconds of invincibility.

The table below shows full costumes with their corresponding Amiibo figures.

Costume Parts Amiibo
Classic Suit & Classic Cap Mario or 8-bit/Smash Mario
Gold Mario Suit & Gold Mario Cap Gold/Silver Mario
Luigi Suit & Luigi Cap Luigi or Smash Luigi
Wario Suit & Warior Cap Wario or Smash Wario
Doctor Outfit & Doctor Headwear Dr. Mario
Waluigi Suit & Waluigi Cap Waluigi
Diddy Kong Suit & Diddy Kong Hat Diddy Kong or Smash Diddy Kong
Mario’s Tuxedo & Mario’s Top Hat Wedding Mario
Bridal Gown & Bridal Veil Wedding Peach
Bowser’s Tuxedo & Bowser’s Top Hat Wedding Bowser

Power Moon Costumes in Super Mario Odyssey

Collecting Power Moons is going to be one of the most difficult parts in your 100% completion of the game, but luckily you’re rewarded by unlocking the ability to purchase cool outfits and hats along the way.

The table below separates costume parts. For example, the Luigi Suit requires 160 Power Moons and costs 200 gold coins.

Costume Parts Power Moons Cost
Luigi Suit & Luigi Cap 160/180 200/100 gold coins
Doctor Outfit & Doctor Headwear 220/240 200/100 gold coins
Waluigi Suit & Waluigi Cap 260/280 200/100 gold coins
Diddy Kong Suit & Diddy Kong Hat 300/320 200/100 gold coins
Wario Suit & Wario Cap 340/360 200/100 gold coins
Bowser’s Tuxedo & Bowser’s Top Hat 420/440 2000/1,000 gold coins
Bridal Gown & Bridal Veil 460/480 2000/1,000 gold coins
Gold Mario Suit & Gold Mario Cap 500/520 2000/1,000 gold coins
Metal Mario Suit & Metal Mario Cap 540/560 200/100 gold coins

Secret Outfits and Costumes in Super Mario Odyssey

Aside from purchasing caps with coins and unlocking outfits with Amiibos figures, there are a few outfits and hats that are obtainable otherwise.

Captain’s Hat

The Captain’s Hat can be obtained in Cascade Kingdom. You gain it automatically after restoring power to the Odyssey.

Boxer Shorts

The Boxer Shorts can be purchased at any of the Crazy Cap Shops after completing Cascade Kingdom. It costs 1,000 gold coins.

Hakama Suit

The Hakama Suit can be purchased at any of the Crazy Cap Shops after obtaining 380 Power Moons. It costs 500 gold coins. Unlike the other Power Moon costumes, it does not come as both an outfit and hat.

Mario’s Wedding Costume

You get Mario’s Tuxedo and Mario’s Top Hat automatically after reaching the Moon Kingdom.

King’s Costume

You get the King’s Outfit and King’s Crown in Rabbit Ridge automatically after completing the Dark Side area.

Invisibility Hat

You get the Invisibility Hat automatically after completing the Darker Side area.

Skeleton Suit

You can obtain the Skeleton Suit by reaching the Mushroom Kingdom and beating the game. It can then be purchased at any Crazy Cap Shop. This is the most expensive outfit in the game!

You didn’t collect all those coins for nothing, so take a break every now and then to enjoy Super Mario Odyssey and get yourself some new threads. You’d be surprised how much more enjoyable the game is when you switch up your look every now and then! Do you have a favorite costume or do you know of any not listed above? Drop me a comment below and I’ll check it out!

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