There's so much to do in Super Mario Odyssey's post game that it'll keep you busy for dozen's of hours beyond the final boss.

Super Mario Odyssey: Ultimate Guide to the Post Game

There's so much to do in Super Mario Odyssey's post game that it'll keep you busy for dozen's of hours beyond the final boss.
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So Bowser is thwarted, Princess Peach is saved, and all is right in the world again. Logically, this would be where Super Mario Odyssey ends, right? I mean it is a Mario game, after all.

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In a surprising twist of fate, Nintendo has graced Mario with his first grand post game adventure. There is a slew of things to do, including unlocking and collecting new Power Moons in each Kingdom, completing new Kingdoms with unique challenges and rewards, buying new outfits from the shop, following new questlines, defeating powered up bosses, and unlocking the secret ending.

Unlock New Power Moons in Super Mario Odyssey with Those Strange Metal Blocks

After defeating the final boss and returning to an old Kingdom, Cappy may point out that the weird, giant metal block that’s been plaguing your subconscious for the entire playthrough is now glowing brilliantly. If you head on over and whack the block with your cap or ground pound it, it’ll sparkle and fly into the air, exploding into a bunch of tiny new Power Moons to collect throughout the Kingdom.

If Cappy doesn’t point out the metal block, that’s because you haven’t finished the story in that Kingdom yet. Focus your efforts on completing the main objective, there, to earn access to the metal block.

Unlock New Power Moons with Metal Blocks Post Game Super Mario Odyssey Ultimate Guide

Unlock and Complete New Kingdoms with Special Challenges

There are 3 new Kingdoms to unlock after beating the game. You’re actually dropped into the new Mushroom Kingdom as soon as the credits finish rolling. It’s a full Kingdom, complete with many Power Moons and purple coins for you to find. There are a ton of delightful throwbacks and special secrets to discover here, too. You may even redeem your in-game achievements for Power Moons by talking to Toadette inside the castle. It’s an amazing post game treat for long-time fans.

The other two Kingdoms are unlocked by collecting more Power Moons. Dark Side, which unlocks once you collect 250 Moons, is a kingdom of rabbits with a boss rush challenge that has you facing off against all incarnations of the Broodals back to back. If you manage to complete the boss rush, you win a sweet new outfit and the Kingdom expands with a plethora of hint pictures and hard new levels.

Darker Side is the final Kingdom, unlocking after Mario collects a whopping 500 Power Moons. Here, you’re tasked with completing a taxing platforming segment with dangers around every corner. If you manage to finish it, you’re rewarded with another special outfit.

Unlock New Kingdoms and New Outfits Post Game Super Mario Odyssey Ultimate Guide

Unlock and Purchase New Outfits in Super Mario Odyssey

The shop greatly expands after defeating the final boss. Alongside receiving an unlimited supply of Power Moons to sell you, shops also offer new character customization options depending on how many Moons you have. You need 560 Power Moons in order to buy everything the shop has to offer, and that’s not to mention just how many coins you need to afford it all. (If you need help earning the funds, be sure to check out our guide on Grinding Gold Coins.)

Follow New Questlines and Complete New Challenges

After defeating the final boss, new NPCs are scattered across every Kingdom. Some of them, like the Koopa Troopas, will challenge you to something like a race and reward you with a Power Moon or two if you win.

Then there are a couple of more special questlines that pop up. For one, Princess Peach isn’t in her castle after the credits roll — she’s instead found traveling around every Kingdom in a rather linear fashion. There’s also a Musical Toad that appears in a few different Kingdoms and asks you to utilize your brand new Music List function to show him a specific type of song in exchange for a Power Moon or a new song.

Unlock the Secret Ending Post Game Super Mario Odyssey Ultimate Guide

Defeat Powered Up Bosses

When the Mushroom Kingdom unlocks, you get the chance to replay all of the non-Broodals bosses by finding their paintings. You may even replay the final boss by finding that painting in the Wedding Hall. In order to replay the Broodals, you’ll need to do the boss rush at Dark Side.

If you collect every unique Power Moon in the game, you unlock a powered up version of the final boss. You’ll find a new painting of it in the Wedding Hall. If you complete it, you earn an exclusive image that basically serves as proof that you collected all of the Moons and defeated a powered up final boss. But the game doesn’t end there — oh no.

Unlock Super Mario Odyssey‘s Secret Ending

There is a secret ending to unlock, but you need to collect 999 Power Moons to see it. You won’t reach 999 if you collect unique Moons alone, so just buy what you’re missing from a shop. Once your Odyssey clicks 999 Moons, just head on over to the Mushroom Kingdom and enjoy the surprise.

All in all, there’s plenty of secrets in store for Mario’s first proper post game. No matter how much of it you decide to tackle, you’re bound to get more than a few extra hours of enjoyment after the credits roll.

For more tips on this epic, globe-trotting adventure, be sure to check out our Super Mario Odyssey guides.

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