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Super Mario RPG: 3 Musty Fears Flags and Ghost Medal Guide

Solve the riddles from creepy creatures in Super Mario RPG with our complete 3 Musty Fears Flags guide.

Everyone’s afraid of ghosts, but will you still fear them if they have treasure waiting for you? Our guide discusses how to get the Ghost Medal and 3 Musty Fears flags in Super Mario RPG.

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How to Get the Ghost Medal and 3 Musty Fears Flags in Super Mario RPG

The Super Mario RPG 3 Musty Fears flags and Ghost Medal reward is part of an objective that takes place in Monstro Town. There are other tasks that you’ll be able to do in or near the area, such as the Land’s End Cliff and the Belome Temple Treasure Room Key.

How to Start the 3 Musty Fears Objectives

To start the 3 Musty Fears objective, enter the second to the last room in Monstro Town. Inside, you’ll see a sign that lets you know that you can rest on the bed for free.

If you interact with the mushroom, Mario will go to sleep. However, in the middle of the night, three ghosts will start chatting about the flags that they’ve hidden in specific locations in the game world.

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All 3 Musty Fears Flag Locations in Super Mario RPG

Greaper Flag Location and Clue

The Greaper says that it hid its flag “behind a wooden flower.” You’ll want to head to Rose Town. Right at the village’s entrance, you’ll see a welcome sign in the shape of a flower. Stand behind the flower sign and press the interact button to obtain this item.

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Dry Bones Flag Location and Clue

For this particular 3 Musty Fears flag in Super Mario RPG, you’ll notice that the Dry Bones spirit mentioned that it’s “home” and that the flag is “under a green bed.”

These clues point to Mario’s Pad from the beginning of the game, which happens to have a green bed. Interact with the bed to acquire this item.

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Boo Flag Location and Clue

The Boo says that you’ll never guess the spot that’s “between O and A.” Initially, I was stumped by this particular clue. As I explored, I realized that there was only one particular location where this sort of clue applied: Yo’ster Isle. If you’ve never been there before, I suggest entering the Pipe Vault mini-dungeon and advancing further until you reach the end.

In any case, cross the race track in Yo’ster Isle to see the word “GOAL” written on the grass. Move between the letters “O” and “A,” then press the interact button.

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Reward: Ghost Medal

You now have the 3 Musty Fears flags, so it’s time to get the Ghost Medal in Super Mario RPG. Return to Monstro Town and sleep on the bed once more. The three specters will be thankful that you solved their riddles.

When you wake up, Mario will have the Ghost Medal automatically equipped in his accessory slot (the accessory you wore previously will just be placed in your inventory). The Ghost Medal halves all damage taken, and I found it extremely useful in tough battles.

Well, that about does it for our guide on how to get the Ghost Medal and 3 Musty Fears flags in Super Mario RPG. For more tips and strategies, you can check out our SMRPG guides hub.

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