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Super Mario RPG: How to Catch Croco in the Moleville Mines

Chase down an enemy and his minions so you can recover your gold in Super Mario RPG.

You’re bound to run around just to find the critters who stole all your gold. Our guide discusses how to catch Croco in the Moleville Mines in Super Mario RPG.

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How to Catch Croco in the Moleville Mines in Super Mario RPG

To catch Croco in the Moleville Mines in Super Mario RPG, you need to defeat the three bandit minions, then run up to him as he appears in a room. Basically, your initial goal is to head deeper into the caverns until you see a red spring. When you jump on it, Mario will get stunned, which causes Croco and his cohorts to steal your gold. Now, it’s time to look for his minions.

Where to Find the Bandit Minions

This section is comprised of four rooms/screens, which you’ll visit in a loop by going counter-clockwise. Here’s where you’ll find the three bandit minions:

  • Behind some crates in the first room past the cavern with the spring.
  • Behind a single crate in the third room as you’re moving counter-clockwise.
  • Right next to the spring that you used earlier.

The battles themselves are relatively easy, and there are even instances when the enemy mobs would run away. Regardless, each victory nets you a Flower Tab, though you won’t obtain all your gold yet.

How to Beat Croco

Once the three minions have been defeated, it’s time to catch Croco in Moleville Mines in Super Mario RPG. Return to the chamber with the spring and wait for him to appear. As he crosses to the opposite side, run up to him to initiate a battle.

I personally didn’t find Croco that difficult. He did throw bombs at my party, though I was able to time my bonus attacks properly. I was then able to deal extra damage to Croco, as well as his bomb minions.

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How to Exit the Moleville Mines

Once Croco has been defeated, all your gold coins will be returned. Likewise, you’ll receive a Microbomb. The next step is to head to one of the nearby tunnels (i.e. the second screen if you go counter-clockwise from the spring room).

There’s a rail that leads to a side path, which happens to have an NPC. Talk to the NPC to blow up the weakened wall using the Microbomb. You still need to complete a few tasks, but you’re almost done with this dungeon.

That’s it: that’s everything you need to know about how to catch Croco in Moleville Mines in Super Mario RPG. For more tips and strategies, such as how to solve the Booster Tower Portrait Puzzle and how to compose the Melody Bay Tadpole Song, you can super jump over to our SMRPG guides hub.

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