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Super Mario RPG: How to Get the Froggie Stick

Increase Mallows Attack early with the Froggie Stick. Follow this guide to find out where to get it.

Mallow is a charming character with good Magic attack capabilities, but his physical attacks leave much to be desired in the early game. Don’t worry, though. In this guide, I’ll show you how to get the Froggie Stick in Super Mario RPG

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How to Get the Froggie Stick in Super Mario RPG

When Mallow first joins your party, you’ll realize that although he has a strong Magic attack, his Physical attacks are almost nonexistent. Since you’ll have few Flower Points to use his Magic attacks often, Mallow is often stuck using his weak attacks. And we certainly want to make him much more useful.

Thankfully, you’ll be able to get the Froggie Stick as a weapon for him. I accidentally stumbled upon this item for Mallow, and I’m glad I did. Why? Because he won’t get another weapon for a while.

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This weapon can be easy to miss since it can only be obtained after the cutscene meeting with Frogfucius for the first time. You’ll have to give Frogfucius the Cricket Pie to get the Froggie Stick. 

Remember when you first met Mallow in the Mushroom Kingdom, and he was sent on an errand to get the Cricket Pie after defeating Claymorton? Bringing the pie back is entirely optional, which is why it can be easy to miss. 

After the cutscene ends, where Frogfucius tells Mario and Mallow to go on their adventure, don’t leave when he tells you to! Instead, talk to him again. You’ll give him the Cricket Pie and receive the Froggie Stick and equip it to Mallow. 

Froggie Stick Stats and Abilities

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This weapon is similar to Mario’s Hammer, where if you time your action command on time, you’ll be able to make a second hit. It has an attack power of 20, which makes Mallow not as useless as he once was if you were low on Flower Points. 

That’s how to get the Froggie Stick in Super Mario RPG. If you want more tips and tricks, check out our dedicated SMRPG guides hub

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