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Super Mario RPG: How to Get the Super Suit

Prepare for one of the toughest challenges just to get a cool reward in Super Mario RPG.

When you’re about to face tougher challenges, you definitely want to have the best equipment. Our guide discusses how to get the Super Suit in Super Mario RPG.

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How to Get the Super Suit in Super Mario RPG

To get the Super Mario RPG Super Suit, you’ll need to perform a Super Jump 100 times consecutively against a single target. You have to press the “A” button numerous times just as Mario is about to land on an opponent to perform the ability continuously. Yes, this will be a super frustrating challenge, which is why we’ve got several tips for you to keep in mind.

Where to Get the Super Suit in Super Mario RPG

The challenge to do 100 consecutive Super Jumps comes from the Kobold NPC in Monstro Town. This character is in the same room as the Thwomp, which is required for the Belome Temple Treasure Room. Once you finish the task, return here to claim your reward.

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To make the journey to 100 a bit more bearable, you can talk to the Kobold once you reach 30 consecutive Super Jumps. You’ll receive an Attack Scarf, which protects you from mortal blows and offers the following stats:

  • +30 physical and magical attack
  • +30 physical and magical defense
  • +30 speed

Tips to Get 100 Consecutive Super Jumps

Make no mistake, trying to get the Super Suit in Super Mario RPG via 100 consecutive Super Jumps can be downright disheartening, especially if you fail at the latter portions. I have included some tips so you can get this challenge done:

  • Fight a Spikey enemy: Spikey enemies are those dropped by Lakitus and they’re immune to damage from special attacks. I suggest heading to the third screen in Mushroom Way to find some of these critters. Spikesters in Booster Pass also work.
  • Make sure the enemy is positioned a bit lower on the battlefield: I feel that the best way to do this challenge is by making sure that the Spikey enemy mob is a bit lower on your screen. That way, you can see Mario’s full character model. I had difficulty doing this when the target was higher since Mario tends to disappear offscreen while performing a Super Jump.
  • Muscle memory and repetition: A lot of this just boils down to practice and repetition. You need to press the “A” button so many times at just the right interval. It’s up to you if you want to mute the audio as well. You just want to look at Mario as he falls down to know when to press the button.

All Super Suit Effects

In any case, assuming you successfully complete the challenge to do 100 consecutive Super Jumps in Super Mario RPG, return to the Kobold in Monstro Town to receive your reward. Any character can equip the Super Suit, and it offers the following effects:

  • +50 physical and magical attack
  • +50 physical and magical defense
  • +30 speed
  • Immunity to elemental attacks
  • Immunity to all negative status effects

That’s it: that’s everything you need to know about how to get the Super Suit in Super Mario RPG. For more tips and strategies, you can check out our SMRPG guides hub.

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