Super Mario RPG: How to Get Trueform Pin

Having trouble fighting Belome? Get the Trueform Pin to negate turning into a Scarecrow.

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One of the first bosses you’ll encounter in Super Mario RPG is Belome, who can turn you into a Scarecrow. It’s a frustrating fight. Luckily, there’s a way to negate these attacks outright. In this guide, I’ll show you how to get the Trueform Pin

How to Get the Trueform Pin in Super Mario RPG

At the end of the Kero Sewers, you’ll have to fight against Belome. One of his most annoying attacks is S’crow Funk, which will turn one of your party members into a Scarecrow. When a character is affected by this status, they won’t be able to attack normally or use items. Since you only have two party members at this point, this is a big hindrance, especially if Mario is affected since he’s the one who deals the most damage physically. 

To combat this, you can find the Trueform Pin before the battle, which negates this ability. To get the Trueform Pin, you’ll have to defeat Pandorite, which you’ll discover disguised as a regular chest in the room with all the stairs. Once you hit the chest, the battle will begin.

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Pandorite is one of the strongest enemies you’ll face at this point in the game. To be prepared, I recommend having a few Mushrooms and Honey Syrup to restore your health and magic. Most of its attacks will be able to one-shot Mario and Mallow. However, Pandorite is weak to Jump attacks, so you should use Mario’s Special Jump attack while Mallow focuses on healing and recovering magic with your items. 

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Once you defeat the Pandorite, you’ll be rewarded with the Trueform Pin. Before you face Belome, you’ll want to equip the pin to Mario since you can’t use physical attacks when transformed into a Scarecrow. If Mallow transforms, he can still use his magic attacks, so I wouldn’t give it to him. 

That’s how to get the Trueform Pin in Super Mario RPG. If you want more tips and tricks, check out our dedicated guides hub

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