Super Mario RPG Yoshi Race: Easiest Way to Beat and Rewards

Here's how to win the Yoshi Race in Super Mario RPG every time.

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The Yoshi Race is a notorious mini-game in Super Mario RPG. It’s simple on the surface, but you’ve already found out how hard it can be to beat Boshi and the other Yoshis. Here, I’ll show you the easiest way to beat the Yoshi Race and get its rewards.

The Easiest Way to Beat the Yoshi Race in Super Mario RPG

After you’ve wagered your Yoshi Cookies, it’s time to beat the other Yoshis standing in your way (including Boshi, the Ace). You’ll want to do so for the race’s rewards, which help you turn Little Yoshi into Fat Yoshi — and give you some other useful items, too.

To move in the race, you must press A and B alternatively in rhythm to the beat. While this gets you moving, pressing the buttons out of time or rhythm (off-beat) will slow you down. If this happens, you can use the three Yoshi Cookies you’re given at the beginning of the race for a short boost by pressing Y.

Finding the correct rhythm and timing can be difficult. Sometimes, I felt that my timing was correct, but Yoshi wasn’t moving. Perhaps that was me or perhaps there’s some lag in the minigame. Either way, the game gives you a visual guide that you can follow. 

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How to Press the Buttons in Time and Win the Race

In the bottom right of the screen, Super Mario RPG shows you when and which button to press. If you follow this prompt, pressing the buttons when they’re large and the circle is filled with white, you’ll surely win almost every time.

I found that saving the Yoshi Cookies for the end of the race is the best way to ensure victory (it’s relatively easy to catch up initially, but not so if you’ve lagged behind at the end). If you use the bass drum and trombones in the track as guides, you’ll hit the buttons in a steady 1-2-3-4 throughout the race. Hint: the song is in 4/4 timing.

Yoshi Race Rewards 

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If you win the Yoshi Race, you’ll receive twice the number of Yoshi Cookies you wagered (up to 20 if you wagered 10). You can use these Cookies to feed the Little Yoshi. If you feed him at least 30 Yoshi Cookies, he’ll turn into Fat Yoshi. You can then feed him more to receive certain rewards depending on how many you give him. 

10 Yoshi Cookies

  • Red Essence
  • Yoshi-Ade
  • Energizer
  • Bracer

20 Yoshi Cookies

  • Red Essence 

30 Yoshi Cookies 

  • Frog Coin

Every 50 Yoshi Cookies after 30 

  • Frog Coin

That’s the easiest way to beat the Yoshi Race and get its rewards in Super Mario RPG. For more tips and tricks, check out our SMRPG guides hub.

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