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Super Mario Wonder: Best Power Ups, Ranked

Power Ups give you useful abilities that make some levels easier, but which are the best in Super Mario Bros. Wonder?

Whether they’re the classic fireball or the new water-spewing elephant, abilities play a big role for the Mario Bros. in their new adventure. Not only do they add to the gameplay in unique ways, but they’re great fun, too. Here are the best Power Ups in Super Mario Bros. Wonder.

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Which Super Mario Wonder Power Ups are the Best?

The Fire Flower

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One of the true old-school Power Up moves in the Mario franchise is the Fire Flower, and it’s back in Super Mario Wonder. This ability expectedly allows you to throw fireballs at your enemies, making short work of them in the process. Indeed, the fireballs can ricochet off various surfaces to hit enemies, just as they did in games dating back to the 90s. It’s usually a one-hit kill, regardless of how you use them. Though it’s mostly unchanged, it’s worth having when dealing with pesky Goombas or the annoying, divebombing birds.

Super Star

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The Super Star is another classic, giving you invincibility for a set amount of time. It works just the same here as before. This will let you speed through levels without worry of getting hit and can be a huge Power Up to get through some of the game’s toughest areas. This is especially true in Angry Spikes and Sinkin Pipes, as some early levels like this can give you quite the beatdown.

Drill Mushroom

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We’re finally onto a new Power Up, and the Drill Mushroom certainly doesn’t disappoint. Super Mario Bros games have always involved a healthy amount of jumping to get through their various platforming segments. With the Drill Mushroom, your jumping gets a little boost. With it activated, you can kill enemies by jumping into them, which is the only way to deal with foes bearing spikes or with hard exteriors. You can also flip the drill around and smash it into the earth, which allows you to crack the ground and find special items and also works as an effective attack as well.

Bubble Flower

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The Bubble Flower is the perfect complement to the heavy amount of platforming you’ll be doing in Super Mario Bros Wonder. This Power Up lets you jump on bubbles to bounce high into the sky to find unreachable items. It also doubles as a combat mechanic. You can shoot bubbles at your enemies to ensnare them and instantly defeat them. They’re far less explosive-looking than the fireballs but arguably a lot more effective.

Elephant Power

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Sure to be the new favorite of a series, the Elephant Power Power Up is one for the ages. Here, you literally transform into an elephant. You use your trunk as your main weapon, which turns you into a brute force capable of defeating any enemy within seconds. Elephant Power has more to offer, though, as you can use it to destroy blockades throughout the game, accessing areas you couldn’t previously.

The most fun part of Elephant Power though is the ability to collect water in your Elephant Trunk. This unique ability will help you solve puzzles throughout the game, showing just how creative Nintendo can get with this ever-lasting franchise.

Those are the best Power Ups ranked in Super Mario Bros. Wonder. There ‘s so much fun to be had using them, so be sure to try these and others out and see what your favorite is. If you’re having trouble with the game or just want to read more about Super Mario Bros Wonder, check out our guides section.

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