Superhot hidden computer terminal locations guide

The main campaign levels feature a host of secret computers that provide bizarre insight into this physics-breaking game.

The main campaign levels feature a host of secret computers that provide bizarre insight into this physics-breaking game.
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In your facless protagonist’s endless quest to kill red dudes (yes, that is their official name), the slow motion shooter/puzzle Superhot also features secret collectibles to unlock if you are willing to do some searching.

Not every level has a secret computer, but most do, and they all give some insight into the bizarre world of Superhot. Much like the game itself, many of the secret terminal locations are ridiculous and totally lacking in logic, and you’d never be able to find them organically.

That’s where we come in, showing you which solid walls to walk through for no reason and which infinite voids of light to jump down to unlock all the Superhot secrets!

For those Superhot computer locations that require you to jump down to a specific location without being able to see below, be sure to hold the space bar, as this further slows your fall and lets you see the surrounding area to plan your descent.

Superhot Level 1 Computer Terminal


After shooting the first two red dudes, throw your gun at the third dude on the left to disarm him and then jump over the short wall on the right to fall down into a basement area. Over to the right you’ll see a terminal up against the wall next to a pillar.

Kick Secret Computer

Superhot Level 2 Computer Terminal


After killing the first three red dudes, run forward and jump up the platforms near the fan (you may need to disarm the fourth red dude who will run around the corner at you).

At the top of the platforms you’ll reach the roof. Turn around and run forward to jump down a ledge and then carefully walk across the small walkway on the side of the roof. This part is tricky: jump around the skinny wall blocking your path but then fall down to reach the room with the terminal.

Alley Secret Computer

Superhot Level 3 Computer Terminal


Only kill one of the red dudes and disarm the other, then turn to the left and jump over the ledge at the end of the hallway, but angle yourself TOWARDS the adjacent wall and go through it.

You will somehow pop down onto another floor filled with black Oddjob style shoes. You may be wondering why they are there, since there aren’t any enemies. Turns out they are actually for your protection, as the floor isn’t solid the whole way across.

Either fire a bullet or throw a show wherever you are about to walk to chart a course across the floor to the terminal if you don’t want to fall to your death and start over.

Corridor Secret Computer

Superhot Level 4 Computer Terminal


After punching the red dude directly in front of you, turn right and run all the way down the side alley at full speed to avoid the other shooters. Jump up the car onto the platform at the end and then hurl yourself onto the cars floating in space.

Jump down and forward slowly to land on the upside down palm trees. Leap across to the second palm tree and then turn around and jump onto the upside down phone booth to find the terminal.

Drop Secret Computer

Superhot Level 5 Computer Terminal


After the train passes by, run up the stairs and turn to the left and then jump up the ledge. Run forward, hang a left at the end of the building, and then jump into the white nothingness.

Go forward until you reach a bench, then turn right and go forward until seeing another ledge. Turn left and go forward to drop down to a subway area with bench chairs. Turn around and you’ll see the terminal on the ceiling.

Subway Secret Computer

Superhot Level 6 Computer Terminal


Immediately jump at the start of the level and then punch the red dude to your left. Turn directly around and run through the windows opposite the red dude you just punched (on the right side of where you started) to find a ledge.

Run all the way down to the end of the ledge and jump up the series of blocks leading to the roof. After being alerted to an “important phone call” by the obnoxious full-screen messaging, run around to the opposite side of the carousel to find the terminal and learn some disturbing info.

Jump Secret Computer

Superhot Level 7 Computer Terminal


While facing the red dude behind the bar, turn to the right and run forward to jump out the window. Run forward and turn left at the end of the building, then slowly jump down onto to some odd pyramidal shapes. The terminal is jutting down from the roof and facing upside down nearby.

Shots Secret Computer

Superhot Level 8 Computer Terminal


Take out the first stream of red dudes until the door unlocks and then run down to the end of the hallway and jump up on the chair. Turn to the left and jump up onto the top of the cage. Run down the length of the skinny fencing and you should see the terminal on the floor in the corner.

Cagefight Secret Computer

Superhot Level 9 Computer Terminal


At the far end of the bar/pool room, jump up out the windows in the right corner near the two slot machines built into the wall. Head left around the building to see the terminal in a corner.

Desper Secret Computer

Superhot Level 10 Computer Terminal


Ignore the glass beneath you at the start of the level and run over to the far left side of the building and then jump down. There’s a fakeout computer here that isn’t the one you are looking for. Step backwards slowly and jump down again to a further lower level to find the real terminal.

Break Secret Computer

Superhot Level 11 Computer Terminal

Wrong Turn

After dodging the truck and disarming the red dude with the rifle, turn around and jump up the cement ledges against the wall. Turn around and jump onto the top of the truck and then leap across to the wall to the right of the truck.

Run forward and go up the stairs and then jump up on the roof. Walk forward to the edge, turn right, and jump onto the adjacent stairway. Head up the three flights of stairs and then step up onto the top of the railing and move forward to jump over to the opposite side of the wall, where the terminal is sitting on the floor.

Wrong Turn Secret Computer

Superhot Level 12 Computer Terminal


Go forward to the end of the room and jump over the ledge by the chairs. Turn around and run the opposite direction and then swing around the end of the building. Turn yet again at the end of the walkway. Inside an alcove you will see this level’s terminal.

Serve Secret Computer

Superhot Level 14 Computer Terminal


This one’s pretty easy if you use the slow fall method. Just jump down the scaffolding and go all the way to the lowest level where the terminal is sitting across from a ladder.

Hospital Secret Computer

Superhot Level 15 Computer Terminal

Inside Job

Jump up the chests near the two red dudes and get up on the roof. Turn to the left and jump across to the other over hanging roof. Go forward and then left and jump down onto the hidden platform. Turn right and walk down the small ledge to find the terminal and a bunch of…flying fish?!?

Inside Job Secret Computer

Superhot Level 17 Computer Terminal


Jump up the statue on the left side of the hallway and go through the open window to the ledge/roof. Turn right and run forward until you reach the edge. Jump down and to the left to find a disconnected platform with a couch. The terminal is on the wall to the right.

Oldboy Secret Computer

Superhot Level 18 Computer Terminal


Kill all but one of the red dudes (probably the shotgunner on the left due to how this cramped level is setup) and disarm the last dude. Jump out the window at the far end of the hallway and work your way fully around the left to a ledge. The terminal is at the end near the typewriter.

Elevator Secret Computer

Superhot Level 20 Computer Terminal

Get Down

Don’t jump down as the instructions splattered across the screen tell you to do. Instead turn around and jump over the railing behind you and walk THROUGH the corner wall to the left. Drop down and follow the ledge until you hit a tiny corridor where the terminal is hidden.

Get Down Secret Computer

Superhot Level 21 Computer Terminal


Jump out the window to the left and fall down to the ledge below. The terminal is sitting behind the odd floating objects.

Meeting Secret Computer

Superhot Level 23 Computer Terminal

Leave This Body

Switch to another body so you don’t fall down the side of the building and then throw an object at the red dude to your left. Deal with the rest of the red dudes and go to the large window on the right side.

Jump out and immediately hang a left to reach a different room. Go over to the edge and repeat the process of jumping around to another room. You can stop and play some mini-golf if you want, or just access the terminal instead.

Leave This Body Secret Computer

Superhot Level 24 Computer Terminal

Under Construction

Switch bodies and then run down the ramp and jump out the open doorway onto the scaffolding to the right. Work your way up the building by running up the ladders and jumping across to adjacent ledges until you see the giant roll of twine. Run across the ledge to the other side and you’ll find this terminal facing away from the railing.

Under Construction Secret Computer

Superhot Level 25 Computer Terminal

Tough Day

Swap to another body to avoid getting shot and then disarm the two nearest red dudes. Jump out the window with the shotgun and vase sitting next to it and slowly fall to the left towards the ledge. Use the floating office equipment as stepping stones and then look up to see the terminal facing down from the ceiling.

Tough Day Secret Computer

Superhot Level 26 Computer Terminal

Last Call

Switch bodies with the red dude holding the rifle and take out the remaining dudes. With one left alive, jump up onto the seating and then onto the top of the signs.

From there leap onto the curved canopy on the right side of the area and then jump onto the roof. Run down the ledge on the left and then jump onto one of the floating squares. Go from square to square to reach the ledge across the chasm and find the computer terminal.

Last Call Secret Computer

Superhot Level 27 Computer Terminal


Jump down off the side of the train and pull in towards the train to reach a secondary room. The terminal is sitting inside by the wall.

Train Secret Computer

Superhot Level 28 Computer Terminal

Border Line

After jumping down, kill the first red dude and swap into the body of the dude across the room from you. Turn around and jump up the truck and climb up the ledge to your right.

Run down to the end of the platform and jump down below near the line of vehicles. Go behind the building and run to the end of the ledge until you see the floating office chairs. Use the top office chair to leap around the wall to the room on the other side. The terminal is on the wall to the left.

Border Line Secret Computer

Superhot Level 29 Computer Terminal

One More Step

Immediately turn down the right through the smashing window and then hang an immediate right again to reach the dead end. Jump up and forward THROUGH the wall into another room. Use the floating cubes to jump up and then go across to the roof with the big bundles of cables. Drop down twice at the left corner of the roof to find a small ledge with the terminal.

One  More Step Secret Computer

Superhot Level 30 Computer Terminal


Go forward through the endless hallway until you see the light on the ceiling that’s slanted towards the left rather than sitting straight. Turn left and walk THROUGH the solid wall to find a coffin filled with teddy bears. Jump down off the side of the ledge and drop down slowly to the lower ledge to find this terminal.

Longway Secret Computer

Superhot Level 31 Computer Terminal

Take The Core

Make your way to the top of the red core, turn right, and jump from ledge to ledge all the way over to the far side of the room. Drop down into the corner and run down the tiny hallway until you find a room filled with black pyramids and the secret terminal.

Take The Core Secret Computer

These are all the secret terminals found in the main game, but there’s still more to be found in the endless levels after the “campaign” segment that we’re busy searching for!

Let us know where you find them or if you have any extra tips for reaching specific terminals without getting shot to pieces in slow motion!

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