Sword Chronicles AWAKEN: Best Characters Tier List

Here's our tier list of the best characters in Sword Chronicles AWAKEN, including their best skills.

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There are over 50 characters in Sword Chronicles AWAKEN, but you can have only four or five heroes in your team, depending on what you’re dealing with. Many heroes have unique special abilities, which makes choosing the characters for your party a hard decision. Our guide will provide you with a tier list of the best characters in Sword Chronicles AWAKEN, including their best abilities.

Best Characters Tier List in Sword Chronicles AWAKEN

S-Tier Characters

Zhao Yun

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What really makes Zhao Yun special is his high attack power combined with his Teleportation skill. He can blink into a crowd of enemies and deal high damage to all of them in equal measure. He’s very good in both PvE and PvP, as expected of the legendary Zhao Yun.

Lu Bu

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Although Lu Bu doesn’t have as much power as Zhao Yun, he has much better defenses and can be used as a tank on your team. I also highly recommend checking out his Bond ability, which allows you to merge Lu Bu with another character, so look out for those synergies. When he’s bonded with the right hero, his damage can be devastating, which is especially useful against bosses. It’s a little weird Lu Bu would be a tank, but here we are.

A-Tier Characters


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LingQi is very similar in stats to Lu Bu. Her magic defense is slightly lower, though, so I put her on the A-tier. Despite that, her physical attacks are truly brutal! If her Nightmare attack is successful, it often results in an insta-kill. Even if you don’t have her fully upgraded, she’ll still do well against stronger enemies thanks to Nightmare.

Zhang Liao

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If you’re looking specifically for a hero with high magical defense, then Zhang Liao would be the best choice. Although his attacks can be quite formidable, his strength lies in is his debuff abilities, which can really spoil the fun for your enemies. Once they’re weakened, you can use your Rage attack to deal lethal damage.

B-Tier Characters

Zhu Rong

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Zhu Rong can be a fantastic DPS hero once her Burn ability is fully charged. But other than that, her overall stats are subpar in comparison to the above heroes, although her normal attack can hit quite hard. Be sure to collect a lot of diamonds to get her if you can! If you really like her burst AoE, then investing in her skills can eventually turn her into a highly valuable part of your team.


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ChunHua can be a great alternative to Zhu Rong. Both have similar stats, and both need their AoE abilities to be fully charged to deal the proper amount of damage. But what separates ChunHua from the rest of the characters is the Lifesteal ability, which can be really useful, especially in the latter parts of the game.

That’s it for our tier list of the best characters in Sword Chronicles AWAKEN. Stay tuned for more Sword Chronicles AWAKEN tips and tricks articles right here.

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