SWTOR: Where to Buy a Speeder

Where to buy a speeder and how to increase your Speeder Piloting rank in Star Wars: The Old Republic.

Where to buy a speeder and how to increase your Speeder Piloting rank in Star Wars: The Old Republic.
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Mounts are a part of any MMO, and it’s no different here in Star Wars: The Old Republic. Just you ride a speeder instead of an animal. Players can unlock Speeder Piloting skill and purchase a speeder.

This SWTOR guide will help you locate all the spots in the game where you can buy a speeder in SWTOR.

Not only can you get a speeder, but you can increase the speed of your speeder by unlocking higher ranks of the Speeder Piloting skill (and it doesn’t require any PvP or special effort. Keep on reading if you want to know more.

Where to Buy a Speeder in SWTOR

Currently, there are five speeder vendor locations in the Galactic Republic. Here are their locations and coordinates:

  • Carrick Station (-4567, -4840)
  • Alien Enclave Market (-110, -253)
  • Republic Operational Headquarters (774, 92)
  • House Organa (-828, 846)
  • Anchorhead (1867, -3258)

The Sith Empire also has a couple of spots that offer speeders for purchase:

  • Vaiken Spacedock, Kaas City (4538, 4810)
  • House Thul (697, -1341)

The best speeder is Tirsa Prime, which can be purchased for one million credits at Alien Enclave Market from vendor named Honest Nuen. However, you have to be at Level 50 and Speeder Piloting Rank 3 to be able to ride Tirsa Prime.

How to Increase Speeder Piloting Rank

You can unlock a higher Speeder Piloting rank through Legacy perks, which can be unlocked at certain player levels. Below is the table with a complete breakdown of the Speeder Piloting ranks:

SP Rank
Required Level Number of Perks Speed Increase
1 20 1 90%
2 35 10 100%
3 45 25 110%
4 60 30 120%
5 70 35 130%


You can also gain access to higher ranks by purchasing them at the Cartel market for Cartel Coins, which is an added bonus to keep subscribing.

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