Tales of Crestoria Guide: Best Characters Tier List for PvP

Here is the best characters tier list for Tales of Crestoria PvP mode.

Here is the best characters tier list for Tales of Crestoria PvP mode.

The latest Tales of game to get a Western release is Tales of Crestoria on Android and iOS, and surprisingly one of its biggest draws is its PvP. Where there’s PvP, there’s a tier list… and here we are.

The tier list below will help you put together a functional team composition to take down other players in Tales of Crestoria PvP.

S-Tier Characters


  • Attack: 3970
  • Defense: 2110
  • HP: 21300

Leon is the best offensive character in Tales of Crestoria PvE, which makes him a super effective fighter in PvP mode.

His passive ability also boosts attack of all allies by 10%. Since Leon has low turn counts, his mystic arte will not only be able to generate a series of powerful blows, but also apply curse status effect.

Currently, there is no other character in Tales of Crestoria with such high power..

The three best memoria stones for Leon are:

  • Richter
  • Leon
  • Judas

  • Attack: 3990
  • Defense: 2110
  • HP: 21200

Velvet is the only other character in Tales of Crestoria whose power level can be compared to that of Leon’s.

Although she has the same passive skill as Leon, her very high OL gauge cost will make her stall a bit during turns. This means that she doesn’t have such a high level of hit generation like Leon, and thus cannot be used to her maximum potential so easily.

However, she can still deliver some of the heaviest hits in the game, and if you will use her as an opener, then she will do a great job at that.

The best memoria stone for Velvet is her own stone.

A-Tier Characters


  • Attack: 2900
  • Defense: 2500
  • HP: 30000

Cress is a very balanced and diverse bruiser. His stats are not too high and not too low. But his main selling point is his unique set of artes.

For example, his Phoenix Dance arte has a 30% chance to cast burn on a single target, which adds to the overall damage.

Also, his passive ability provides all Sword-type units with a 3% chance of resetting their arte turn count, which helps them generate more hits a turn.

The three best memoria stones for Cress are:

  • Yuri
  • Cress
  • Malik

  • Attack: 2800
  • Defense: 2500
  • HP: 29500

Just like Cress this character has a very balanced set of stats. Kanata also is one of a few units in the game that have an ability to hit multiple enemy targets at once.

His mystic arte Cursed Bladeshadow has an immense attack power, which multiplies the damage by 380%. Very few characters have such high attack ratio. This makes Kanata a great finisher.

The two best memoria stones for Kanata are:

  • Kanata
  • Phillia

B-Tier Characters


  • Attack: 3600
  • Defense: 2350
  • HP: 24000

Kanonno combines high damage and low turn count, which makes her one of the better offensive units in the game.

She is also a Longsword-type unit, which means that she can be well paired with Kanata.

One of the most interesting aspects of Kanonno is her passive ability that provides 15% health restoration to Longsword- type units when a successful break is performed.

The two best memoria stones for Kanonno are:

  • Kanonno
  • Veigue

  • Attack: 2500
  • Defense: 2900
  • HP: 27500

Misella is a supporter unit whose passive ability boosts the defenses of all allies by 15%.

Her Heal Aid arte restores 45% HP of a single target, and her Igniting Pillar arte has a 40% chance to cast Burn on a single enemy.

This makes Misella a very versatile character with some excellent defensive and offensive tools.

The four best memoria stones for Misella are:

  • Misella
  • Arche
  • Rita
  • Lailah

  • Attack: 2700
  • Defense: 2750
  • HP: 29500

Chronos is an ultimate AoE character. All of his artes are focused on dealing with multiple enemies at a time.

His Bit Force and Chronos Collider artes both deal 120% damage to at least two enemy targets within the range of his aim.

He is not as strong as Kanata when it comes to AoE damage, but he can be an excellent alternative if you are looking for such type of unit for your team composition.

The best memoria stone for Chronos is his own stone.

That’s all you need to know about best characters tier list for PvP mode in Tales of Crestoria. Happy battles!

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