Tales of Zestiria: Lord of the Land Boons & Features Guide – Everything you need to know

Check this guide out for all the info on the Lord of the Land features in Tales of Zestiria!

Check this guide out for all the info on the Lord of the Land features in Tales of Zestiria!
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A new feature in Tales of Zestiria is the ability to set up a Lord of the Land for each area. This allows you several benefits, including save point travel and detecting hellions. You even get access to Normin, small creatures with abilities, later in the story.

I’m going to explain everything about the Lord of the Land feature so that you can use it to your advantage. Be sure to visit the Tales of Zestiria Beginner’s guide for more help.

This guide will go over everything about the Lord of the Land feature including:

  • Lord of the Land Info – Basic info on the Lord of the Land to get you started.
  • Lord of the Land Features – All the things you can do when you establish a Lord of the Land in the area.

Lord of the Land Info

Each area in the game needs a seraph to bless it with a domain, and someone to worship them. When you do this, the seraph becomes the Lord of the Land. This gives you access to a menu of options from any save point in their domain.

I will get to the features soon, but first let me explain how you increase your Blessing level with the Lord of the Land. Each area is separate and there are two ways to increase the level:

  • Defeating enemies within their domain to get Grade.
  • Trading items in for Grade.

You need to increase your grade to level up the Blessing for the Lord of the Land in that area, so that you can have access to more boons.

Remember, there are multiple Lords of the Land, so be sure to check the save menu to see which one is in your area. If you did not establish a Lord of the Land in your current area, no menu will be available from the save points.

Lord of the Land Features

Besides the save point travel, there are 4 things you can do with the Lord of the Land:

  • Boons – Choose which boons to set, like skills.
  • Normin – Choose which Normin to set for that Lord of the Land.
  • Offer Items – Offer items for Grade.
  • Bless Equipment – Bless equipment to make it stronger.

At first you only have access to a few and as your Blessing level increases, and you progress through the story, the others get unlocked.

Tales of Zestiria lord of the land boons

Below is a list of what all 25 boons. You unlock them left to right, then it drops down and goes left to right again. Example: Traveler’s Repose unlocks first, followed by Treasure Restoration, then Hellion Detection. Credit to animeloverzz for listing the boons past number 8.

All Lord of the Land boons:

  1. Save point travel cost is reduced.
  2. Opened chests respawn with different equipment after time has passed.
  3. Symbols appear on your mini-map to show locations of hellions.
  4. Food effects increased by 20%.
  5. Bless Equipment option available.
  6. Prevent death once per battle.
  7. Item drop rate increased by 50%.
  8. Greatly reduces save point travel cost.
  9. Occasionally, food use won’t decrease after battle.
  10. Increased number of Normin you can set by 1.
  11. Increased rarity of items found in respawned chests.
  12. Chance to get a snack back after battle if you used one.
  13. Increased running speed.
  14. Decreases stagger time from enemy attacks by 20%.
  15. Drop rate increased of equipment your character is wearing when they defeat an enemy.
  16. Increased item drop ate by 50%. Stacks with other boons.
  17. Decreased damage from enemies higher level than you.
  18. Increased time enemy staggers by 20%.
  19. Reduced chance of party getting stunned.
  20. Increased number of Normin you can set by 1.
  21. Reduced save point travel cost to 0.
  22. Reduced time to activate support talents by half.
  23. Increased rarity of items found in respawned chests. Stacks with other boons.
  24. Doubles Gald dropped by enemy.
  25. Damage done to enemies higher level than you increased by 20%

Normin are small cat-like creatures you can find throughout the game. Each one is named after one of the equipment skills and offers a bonus to that skill. They can also add their skill to a piece of equipment when you find them, as long as you have an open slot.

Tales of Zestiria normin

After you find one, you can set it to a Lord of the Land. This increases the chance that equipment drops with their skill. It also increases the enemy level of that area, depending on the level of the Normin.

Offer Items

You can trade items for grade in addition to getting it for battles. This option lets you see how much grade you get for trading each item, and how much you need to get to the next level.

Bless Equipment

You must first unlock this option and set it from the Lord of the Land menu. After that, you must talk to the Lord directly to access the feature.

This feature allows you to bless equipment, that is +10 or higher from fusion, to double the effect of the skills.

That wraps up my guide on the Lord of the Land features in Tales of Zestiria. Please check out my Ultimate Equipment Skills guide for more details on how that works. Let me know if you have any questions!

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