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Bard class official art profile in Tarisland
Image via Tencent Games

Tarisland Bard Build — Best Abilities and Ultimates

Here are the best Bard abilities and ultimates for both Solo and Harmony builds in Tarisland.

The Bard class in Tarisland has two specializations: Harmony and Solo. The first one is designed for healing support, while the other one is more self-sufficient in both PvP and PvE. Here, I’ll provide you with a list of the best abilities and ultimates in this Tarisland Bard build guide, including lists for both specializations.

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Tarisland: How to Play as Harmony Bard

As I already mentioned, the Harmony build is mostly focused on healing oneself and allies. But I must warn you that most of Bard’s heals are gradual, meaning that it takes some time before the healing is in full effect. That’s why I highly recommend also focusing on buff spells, such as In the Zone, which not only instantly heals but also boosts attack power.

Use Healing Sound and Voice of Hope to recover HP of your entire squad, and specifically of one ally with the most damage, such as your tank. When it comes to boss fights, the best skill to use would be Song of Life, which reduces the incoming damage and at the same time heals everyone.

Best Harmony Bard Abilities in Tarisland

Here, I chose abilities that focus on healing and damage reduction:

Healing SoundRecovers the HP of all allies and summoned units within 24m by 128% of your ATK +165.
In the ZoneRecovers the target’s HP by 383% of your AKT +495. For the next 8 sec, boosts your ATK by 30 and your Speed-up effect by 20%.
Song of LifeFor the next 24 sec, reduces DMG to all allies and summoned units within 10m by 20%, and recovers their HP by 22% of your ATK +30.
Voice of HopeHeals the target for 112% of your ATK +144.
Voice of LightWithin 1.5 sec, heals your HP by 2% of your ATK +84 for 110 times.

Best Harmony Bard Ultimates in Tarisland

The following ultimates are made to reduce incoming damage, improve the speed of your squad, and even resurrect your allies:

SpellbreakerDisperses 1 random Control effect and all the Move Restraint effects and Boss Debuffs for an ally.
Sound BarrierNegates a DMG up to 20% of your Attack and lasts 30 sec.
Pulsating TuneThe sound wave will make enemies within 5m Stun for 3 sec.
Escape MelodyBoosts the movement speed of you and your teammates within 16m by 30%.
AriaResurrects the targeted ally.
Bard class amidst a battle in Tarisland
Image via Tencent Games

Tarisland: How to Play as Solo Bard

If you want to go solo as Bard, then the Solo specialization is more fitting for that purpose. In this case, you’ll have more crowd control and damage spells, with a stronger focus on self-healing. But I wouldn’t go all offensive with this build and use it more as a control class.

While all your spells are focused on dealing magic and physical damage, be sure to combine them with the Wild Music skill. It’ll not only increase your critical hit rate but also boost the damage of combined spells, which is especially effective during boss fights.

Best Solo Bard Abilities in Tarisland

This selection of skills focuses on dealing damage, both physical and magic, as well as boosting your critical hit rate:

Passionate PlayDeals Physical DMG equal to 304% +395, and boosts your ATK by 3 for 34 sec.
Sonic BoomDeals Magic DMG equal to 102% of your ATK + 134.
Voice of ForceEach attack deals Magic DMG equal to 44% of your ATK +58.
Wild MusicBoosts your Crit Rate and Combo Rate by 10%.
Zealous VoiceDeals Magic DMG equal to 65% of your ATK +86.

Best Solo Bard Ultimates in Tarisland

When it comes to ultimates, I selected the ones that disrupt enemy attacks and spells and recover your HP:

Chaos MelodyGives the target a Deceleration effect of 50% for 5 sec.
LullabyMakes the target Hypnotized for 15 sec.
NoiseMakes a noise that interrupts a target’s spellcasting.
Potential UnleashBoosts your movement speed by 70% for 8 sec.
TranquilityRecovers 20% HP.

That’s it for my list of the best Bard abilities and ultimates in Tarisland. Stay tuned for more Tarisland tips and tricks articles right here.

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