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Tarisland Complete Crafting Guide

How to navigate professions in Tarisland!

Like many MMORPGs, you can learn a crafting profession and use it to create useful items for your characters. Additionally, professions can be a great source of income, and gathering currency in a new game helps you purchase better items later. This is your Tarisland complete crafting guide.

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Complete Guide to Crafting in Tarisland

Right now, you can pick one of 5 professions when you reach Level 20 in Tarisland. Your options are Alchemy, Tailoring, Jewelry, Forge, and Artisan. Alchemy allows for potions to be crafted. Tailoring crafts armor. Jewelry crafts accessory gear, like necklaces. Forge crafts gear items such as helmets. Finally, there’s Artisan, which creates a variety of items such as mounts, toys, and fishing bait.

When you pick a profession, you can switch to a different option later. However, this isn’t recommended because you lose all the progress you made in your previous profession when you switch.

How to Gather Materials for Crafting

Once you reach Level 20, you get a quest that can teleport you right to the trainer of your chosen profession. From there, you’ll also be able to teleport to the location where you gather the material required to start crafting. The downside is that gathering materials and crafting both require a resource called Vigor.

There are three ways to restore Vigor: let it recover over time, take a potion, or go fishing. You recover one point of Vigor every 15 minutes, so it’s not a fast process. On the bright side, you can purchase Vigor Potions in the Manual of Destiny shop, and these restore 50 Vigor instantly. As for fishing, you want to read the description of the fish you catch because some—like the Silver Dartfish—restore a small amount of Vigor.

Crafted Item Quality Differences

Item Quality is separated into three categories: Common, Rare, and Epic. Epic is then also divided into categories from one to three stars. As you might expect, higher-quality items require higher-quality materials to craft. Of course, higher-quality items give you more stats. So, depending on what you need for your character, it’s likely worth finding the rare materials needed.

Best Profession to Choose in Tarisland

As with other MMORPGs, you can select any profession that interests you and benefit from it. You can gather money for items from other professions and purchase them from the auction house. Because of this, there’s not too much pressure to pick any specific profession. But if you want a suggestion, Alchemy is a good bet because its items are consumables. As a result, there’s generally a steady market for Alchemy items.

That concludes your Tarisland complete crafting guide. While being able to craft items is great, the Vigor system ends up slowing down production quite a bit. However, systems are subject to change during the lifetime of a game, so the recovery rate may increase at the very least. Meanwhile, check out our Tarisland guide hub for more content!

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