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Tarisland Max Level Guide: How the Level Cap Works

What's the actual level cap in Tarisland?

The latest free-to-play MMORPG has officially launched, and as it gets started, there are some features that can be a bit confusing. That includes one of the most important MMO game elements: the level cap. Here’s your Tarisland max level guide and how the level cap works.

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What is the Max Level in Tarisland?

On day one, the level cap is Level 20. However, that won’t be the case soon. If you go into your character screen and select the question mark next to your level, it tells you a bunch of details. As shown in the image above, the level cap raises to Level 26 in one day, at least in the North American realm, where I am. For the first few days, the level cap will rise a little bit at a time. Within the first week, the actual max level will be Level 40.

Although it’s an interesting strategy that lets busy people worry less about the rush to max level, it’s caused quite a bit of confusion among players. However, the final max level is Level 40. Additionally, you gain surplus EXP when you hit the current max level for your server. This then helps you level up faster when the cap goes up. At least the temporary level caps give you time to work on crafting and gaining a reputation. Otherwise, these aspects might be forgotten in the rush to Level 40.

That wraps up my Tarisland max level guide and how the level cap works. After the temporary caps, the max level will be Level 40. But like many other MMORPGs, it’s possible—and likely—that the level cap will end up being even higher in time through updates or expansions. While the game is still new, head over to our Tarisland guide hub as we work to produce more content to help you navigate the latest MMORPG.

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