Find out which Team Fortress 2 community-based weapons are the best in the current meta.

Team Fortress 2 Guide: Best Weapons in the Current Meta

Find out which Team Fortress 2 community-based weapons are the best in the current meta.
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Team Fortress 2 has an overwhelming amount of game modes. Each one of them requires players to take different approaches to their playstyle including the choice of weapons. In this guide you will find a selection of the best custom-made weapons for all nine classes in the game.

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Each weapon has its specific purpose, so it’s up to you which of them fit your character the best within the chosen game mode.

Best Team Fortress 2 weapons for Offensive classes

Team Fortress 2 offensive classes


Scout’s primary default weapons are a scattergun, a pistol, and an aluminum baseball bat. However, the community has a number of better alternatives for this agile character. Here they are:

  • Soda Popper – a modified two-shot scattergun with a can of Crit-a-Cola attached to its bottom. This weapon deals more damage than the default one, plus its reload time is just as fast as that of a pistol making it the best type of weapon for Scout in this meta.
  • Boston Basher – a modified wooden club with spikes. It is a more effective melee weapon than the Scout’s default baseball bat, which also allows the character to perform triple or quad jumps.
  • Mad Milk/Crit-a-Cola – ingestible drinks used to give Scout critical hit damage and 25% faster speed of movement. However, both of these items increase the damage taken by Scout as well.

Soldier’s biggest advantage is his rocket launcher that allows him to jump to higher spots than the rest of the characters. However, there are slightly better versions of his stock weapons you should check out:

  • Beggar’s Bazooka – a modified rocket launcher that doesn’t need to be reloaded and has a fire rate of up to 70% faster than the default weapon. It also deals more burst damage, but has a slightly smaller blast radius.
  • Shotgun/Concheror – a combination that can make your Beggar’s Bazooka a bit safer to use and keep you from losing a lot of health in the process due to self damage. Shotgun is a typical scattergun used as a secondary weapon, but with the help of Concheror’s buffs you can speed up your teammates and heal both yourself and them at the same time.
  • Escape Plan/Gunboats – another combination used when you need to quickly back out. Escape Plan makes your character super fast at the expense of your health, but with Gunboats the self damage is reduced by 60%, so you’re not going to lose too much.

Just as this character’s name suggests, Pyro is a flamethrower specialist. His primary weapon can also be used to extinguish fire in the case he himself or his teammates are getting burned. Here are a few other great weapons Pyro can effectively use in the game:

  • Degreaser – a modified version of Pyro’s flamethrower. This upgraded weapon is much better than the stock, as it makes switching between different modes twice as fast, which is really important for executing combos.
  • Reserve Shooter – a modified version of a pump-action shotgun. This one is slightly faster than its stock counterpart and it also deals more damage including the critical hits.
  • Powerjack – a melee weapon of sorts. It can deal damage equal to other melee weapons, but if you kill an enemy with it, you will subsequently restore health. Also, Powerjack gives you 15% speed boost when equipped.

Best Team Fortress 2 weapons for Defense classes

Team Fortress 2 defense classes


Unfortunately, this character’s community-based pool of weapons got blatantly nerfed, but if you still want to take a look at some of his finest swords and shields, then here they are:

  • Eyelander/Half-Zatoichi – any of these two custom swords for Demoman is great. Eyelander is good for decapitating, which grants you bonus health and speed points. Half-Zatoichi can go even farther and overheal your character granting even more base health points, which is not a bad deal.
  • Splendid Screen – a special type of shield used for charging. A HUD even appears on the screen when Splendid Screen is equipped showing the charge meter.
  • Loose Cannon – a modified grenade launcher that looks like a pirate cannon. Although cannonballs fly faster than projectiles, they deal much less damage upon impact, but high speed can make all the difference.

This slow but extremely dangerous Russian character is mostly known for his use of mini-gun, which he gently calls “Sasha.” And, here are a few slightly better renditions of his primary and secondary weapons:

  • Tomislav – a modification of default mini-gun, which has a slightly lower fire rate, but a better accuracy. Also, you may want to take a look at the other mod of Heavy’s mini-gun – Natascha.
  • Gloves of Running Urgently – a melee weapon simply known as G.R.U., which looks like boxing gloves. The big thing about GRU is that it gives your character a solid 30% speed boost.
  • Fists of Steel – another great melee weapon for Heavy. The main advantage of Fists is that it reduces all damage that your character takes from non-melee weapons.

This highly skilled character is best when he’s using his Sentry Gun – a massive mini-gun that stands on a tripod. But you also want him to use other tools that will complement his Sentry:

  • Rescue Ranger – a modified shotgun that can teleport Engineer’s Sentry or any other building from a long range. More than that, when Rescue Ranger fires, it automatically restores health of all buildings in the Engineer’s possession.
  • Wrangler – a modified pistol that looks like a remote control, which it is. The Sentry Gun is an automatic weapon, but with the help of Wrangler Engineer can manually control his buildings.
  • Gunslinger – a secondary melee weapon that looks like a robotic hand. It can also be used as a tool for building Combat Mini-Sentry Gun, which is an even better version of the standard Sentry Gun.

Best Team Fortress 2 weapons for Support classes

Team Fortress 2 support classes


Medic’s main prerogative is to heal his teammates by using a special kind of weapon – Medi Gun. However, there are a few interesting choices for this classes that can also deal damage:

  • Crusader’s Crossbow – a modified wooden crossbow designed in such a way that by shooting the healing syringes it not only deals damage to the enemies, but heals your teammates at the same time.
  • Übersaw – a modified bonesaw with a bloody needle that looks simply disgusting, but boosts your ÜberCharge every time you hit an enemy with it.
  • Vaccinator – a modified Medi Gun that allows Medic not only to heal, but also to choose a type of resistance that fits the occasion the most, such as bullet, fire or explosive resistances.

The default laser-sighted sniper rifle used by this class is actually a very good weapon and will serve you well on public servers. But if you really want to be competitive, then this is what you should get:

  • Machina – a modified sniper rifle inspired by a Longsword rifle from Deus Ex: Human Revolution. It deals 15% more damage and has a piercing effect that sends bullets through the first target and successfully hits the other one behind it.
  • Bazaar Bargain – a stylized rifle that resembles a musket. It has a special bonus attached to it: for each headshot it boosts your charge meter by 25%.
  • Cozy Camper – a backpack with camping gear is a must for every Sniper player. It serves as a weight balancer that keeps your scope steady even if you get hit by other players.

Spy can be Engineer’s worst enemy by destroying his buildings, but other than that this is a really special character with a unique set of tools:

  • Ambassador – a modified version of stock revolver. It is slower and deals slightly less damage, but this iteration has an almost perfect accuracy and deals a critical hit with every headshot.
  • Dead Ringer – Spy’s most important disguise tool in a shape of a pocket watch. Dead Ringer cloaks an injured Spy for seven seconds and heals him from bleeding and fire damage.
  • Big Earner – a modified switchblade that increases the duration of the cloak effect and boosts Spy’s speed of attack by a few seconds.

Team Fortress 2 characters

You can now easily try all of these 27 awesome community-based weapons and see for yourself which of them fit your characters and playstyle the best.

What is your favorite modified weapon from Team Fortress 2 and why? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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