Top ten list of what cards you should keep in your roster in Marvel Puzzle Quest.

Ten cards you must have in Marvel Puzzle Quest

Top ten list of what cards you should keep in your roster in Marvel Puzzle Quest.

10. Any 5-star cards you receive

The only way to obtain 5-star cards is through Legendary tokens. If you do not have the room to have this character added to your roster, just save up your command points. 


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9. At least one 1-star

If you want to complete Deadpool's Daily you will need at least one 1-star in your roster. It is a good source of ISO-8. 

8. All those annoying characters you hate playing against

Getting one or two of the characters you hate playing against might be a good idea. Even though you hate them, they may be of use to you.

This is for all those that make tiles unmovable and generally mess your plans of domination up.

I hate fighting against Gorgon, Invisible Woman, and Quicksilver.

7. Lots of Health and Power

This is your tank. Keep your tank close when fighting high leveled opponents. 

Different tanks you can use are any Thor's, Wolverine's, Ares, and Colossus. 

6. Cards for general badassery

This is for those cards that have very useful powers. 

Have you used Ghost Rider's Penance Stare? Not only was the little animation for the power one of my favorites in the whole game, the power deals a percentage of all the damage your enemy has, dealt back at them. 

This card can be based on your opinion but if the move is amazing you should keep the card. 

5. Healer

You need a healer especially if you like to play a lot at one time or against waves of enemies. 

2-star Black Widow is one of best healers for your team, but others can heal as well such as Rocket & Groot, all the Wolverine's and Daken's, and Kamala Khan. 

4. Swords and Shields

Having at least one or two characters that create strike or protect tiles is very important.

The ones that create strike tiles can help you cause a lot of damage. Some of them are Black Panther, Daken, Wolverine, Blade, and Elektra. 

The ones that create protect tiles can help you take a lot of damage. Luke Cage has a power that makes sure that at the beginning of each turn he has one protect tile on the board. Falcon and 3-star Magneto create a field of protect tiles. 

3. Someone who stuns

Stunning your enemy is a great asset. It can give you time that you really need to defeat the enemy. 

Some characters that can stun are Daredevil, Mr. Fantastic, 4-star Thor, all Spider-men, and Gamora.

2. At least one Hulk

It might be overkill to have more than one Hulk character. The Hulks all usually of red, green, black, and/or blue powers. They have powers that drain their own AP to cause greater damage. This would make it difficult to play with more than one Hulk in your team. 

1. Do not leave home without your Thor

All three Thor cards are extremely useful. They have powers that add tiles to the board, huge damage that can hurt the whole team, and 4-star Thor even stuns. 

A powerhouse with health to spare.


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