Morrigan's Darkness Illusion is one of the strongest hero arts in Teppen. Here's the decklist and strategy guide on how to use it.

Teppen Morrigan Deck Guide: Decklist and Strategy

Morrigan's Darkness Illusion is one of the strongest hero arts in Teppen. Here's the decklist and strategy guide on how to use it.

Morrigan’s Darkness Illusion is one of the strongest hero arts in Teppen, provided you manage to combine it with the right cards. Basically you need to get as many action and unit cards with the Halt effect as you can.

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As a result, Morrigan will be able to destroy any enemy unit affected by the Halt ability using her Darkness Illusion art. This synergy will get you to the highest possible ranks in the ladder.

If you want to know how to build and play this type of deck, then follow our guide below for all the instructions.

The Decklist

Cards Quantity
Soul Thirst
Power Grab
Crystal Hunter
Plasma x3
Arachne x1
Mega Shock
Nibble x2
Dark Hold
Irresistible Pleasure
Great Baggi
Web Spider
Dark Libido Morrigan
Will to Unite


The Strategy

The Halt mechanic is incredibly valuable, and it can literally paralyze your opponent for as long as you have Halt cards to play, and this deck has more than enough action and unit cards that inflict Halt.

Synergy Cards

Power Grab and Crystal Hunter are action cards that both cost 2MP and perform the same type of action inflicting Halt on an enemy unit for five seconds.

Hsien-Ko and Great Baggi do the same thing as the two action cards above, but this time it’s unit cards with a lot of life points, which can also serve as excellent defenders.

Anakaris is another unit that inflicts Halt, but this card’s effect is much longer and lasts for 13 seconds. That’s a lot of time taking into account the short span of time that each battle takes in Teppen.

Lilith is the strongest and most effective unit in this Morrigan deck. She attacks enemy heroes with double attack speed.

Unit Cards

In certain cases you may not have enough Halt cards in your hand to stall your opponents from attacking and defending their positions. Having some alternative options is ideal.

Plasma is such an alternative unit card that has Flight, which allows it to attack and deal damage directly to the enemy hero regardless of the status effect of the enemy units defending it.

In addition to the essential halt units in this deck, you can also play several high costed unit cards, such as Web Spider and Dark Libido Morrigan. They both cost 5MP, and that is the reason why there is only one copy of each in the list.

Action Cards

When enemy units are affected by the Halt mechanic, you can use your Darkness Illusion art to destroy them. But in special cases, when you can’t use your art or in cases when there are no units with Halt inflicted on them, you can use other action cards that can deal with such problems directly.

Soul Thirst and Nibble both deal direct damage to enemy units and at the same time restore health to your hero. So both of them are very useful action cards.

The last action card that needs to be mentioned is Mega Shock that functions like an AOE that can wipe all enemy units with Halt.


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