Here is the best version of the aggressive Rathalos deck in Teppen, and a short guide on how to play it.

Teppen Rathalos Deck Guide: Decklist and Strategy

Here is the best version of the aggressive Rathalos deck in Teppen, and a short guide on how to play it.

Both red heroes in Teppen are very strong, but Rathalos has a really unique hero art called Wrath Awoken. It not only gives friendly units Flight, but it also grants them attack boost.

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However, there is one condition that needs to be fulfilled before Wrath Awoken can be activated: you need to buff the attack of your units with the help of special action cards.

That is why this Rathalos deck is one of the most aggressive in the current meta, as it includes lots of attack buff cards.

The Decklist

Cards Quantity
True Faith
Merciless Attack
Angry Charge
Wall Jump
Siberian Body
Beast Cannon
Evasive Action
Felyne (3MP)
Felyne (4MP)
Heavenly Kicks Chun Li


The Strategy

The gameplan is quite simple: you need to play your unit cards, and then buff them using special action cards that synergize with the Wrath Awoken hero art. As a result, your units will gain both Flight and a ton of attack points for a really quick victory.

Synergy Cards

True Faith, Angry Charge, and Beast Cannon are red and green action cards that give +2 ATK to a friendly unit.

Merciless Attack gives only +1 ATK to a friendly unit, but it also deals one point of damage to an enemy unit, which is great against Shield mechanic.

All in all, you have 11 attack buff action cards in this deck that synergize with Wrath Awoken. That’s a pretty decent number, which means that you will almost always have at least a couple of them in your opening hand.

Unit Cards

Both Felyne variants in the deck accomplish the same function, they ramp your MP counter by 20% faster. This means that you can play more cards each turn and activate your hero art much sooner than your opponents.

Tzitzi-Ya-Ku is a really cool card that basically removes any buffs that have been applied by your opponent to any of their units.

Iris is another ramp card, but much more powerful than Felyne, although it’s more expensive. In this case you will get 50% boost to your MP counter.

Action Cards

Since your unit cards will have high attack power and Flight, the only thing that is left is to protect them from enemy action cards.

Wall Jump is a very simple yet effective defensive card that gives Shield to a friendly unit.

Siberian Body serves both as a defensive and offensive mechanism by adding +1/+1 to a friendly unit.

So, start your game by ramping up using Felyne units, and then buff them with the help of your synergy cards to gain even more attack power and Flight.

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