How to find Rida and finally progress that pesky Sibling Rivalry quest.

TERA: How to Find Rida for the Sibling Rivalry Quest

How to find Rida and finally progress that pesky Sibling Rivalry quest.
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TERA‘s level 33 Sibling Rivalry quest isn’t really notable compared to the rest of the game’s quests, but one thing about it is irritating: Rida, a key NPC in multiple steps of the quest, is not where you think she might be.

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This quest has been in the game for some time and Rida’s movement has generally not been an issue, but the PS4 and Xbox One port’s slight veering from dealing with the UI past the necessities makes it a little more confusing.

If you’ve gotten to level 33, you’ve probably already had to deal with quests that made you dip into the quest tracker or your inventory to complete them. The weapon crate quest in Bastion of Lok is the first example that comes to mind, because you have to manually add the bomb item to your hotbar and use it from there.

In the case of Sibling Rivalry, things are a little more simple. The quest itself is a multi-step process but the third step, which entails speaking with Rida and giving her the hypnotic draught, is where you’re going to get hung up. And it’s where you have to make friends with the UI once again.

Most of the quests you come across in TERA have relatively accurate quest markers, but this one is an exception. To find Rida, you must delve into the quest tracker.

Much easier than doing some other things with the UI, right? This is only one of many steps of the Sibling Rivalry quest, and with luck it’s the only part that will give you any trouble.

This is a pretty cut-and-dry task on PC, but on PS4 and Xbox One it’s a multi-step process.

First open the map and then press the Quest Tracker button (Circle on PS4, B on Xbox One). Select the Sibling Rivalry quest and toggle it to show the location on the minimap. This will show you where to find Rida, no mess and no fuss.

Why this quest is like this is a mystery, but it’s been an issue since at least 2015. Now you can move forward with the other steps of the quest, of which there are many, for the hefty XP reward.

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