A simple guide on getting the best movespeed boots in Terraria, including boots and wings.

Terraria Guide: Upgrading and Crafting Your Rocket Boots to Get Around Faster

A simple guide on getting the best movespeed boots in Terraria, including boots and wings.
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If you want to go fast on foot in Terraria, you need some boots. Some Rocket Boot-infused boots. Several of the game’s mounts are faster than running even with one of the game’s movement speed-boosting boots, but you get additional mobility you can’t get with mounts early on by going the footwear route.

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The route to Frostpark Boots isn’t too complicated but requires some effort on your part, especially if you’re starting a new character.

Step 1: Basic Speed Boots and Rocket Boots Into Spectre Boots

Your first pair of movement-boosting boots is going to be either Hermes Boots, Flurry Boots, or Sailfish Boots. Any of these can be used to make Spectre Boots, but let’s look at where you can get them:

  • Hermes boots: Found in chests underground in Forest and the Jungle biomes.
  • Flurry Boots: Found in chests underground in the Snow biome.
  • Sailfish Boots: Obtained via Wooden Crates and Iron Crates acquired through fishing.

You need one of the above to make Spectre Boots, which not only allow you to go fast but fly a short distance. Both functions in a single accessory slot! But before you get too excited and run to your crafting stations, you need to get some Rocket Boots.

The Exact Way to Build Spectre Boots:
  1. Get Hermes, Flurry, or Sailfish boots
  2. Get Rocket Boots
  3. Craft Spectres using the Tinkerer’s Workshop

You need to find the Goblin Tinker to get your hands on some Rocket Boots, which cost 5 gold. You also need to buy the Tinkerer’s Workshop from him, which costs 10 gold. Make sure you have the gold saved up before seeking him out in case he decides to wander after you find him the first time.

Tip: You can store your gold in a Safe or Piggybank and use it at merchants, just as you would if you had the money in your inventory. This way you won’t lose your money when you die.

The Goblin Tinker can be hard to find when you first start a world. He’s found in the Caverns biome below the Underground biome, but near the top. Don’t panic if you can’t find him easily; you will eventually.

Once you’ve found the Goblin Tinker and buy the Rocket Boots and Tinkerer’s Workshop, you can craft Spectre Boots at the Tinkerer’s Workshop in the crafting menu.

Step 2: Spectre Boots Into Lightning Boots

Lightning Boots have the same functions as the Spectre Boots but allow you to run faster, making them a definite improvement. But finding the items you need to make them can be more difficult than the Spectre Boots.

You need the following items:

  1. Spectre Boots (you should already have these.)
  2. Anklet of Wind
  3. Aglet
  4. Tinkerer’s Workshop (you should already have this.)

You already have the boots, so where do you get the Anklet and Aglet?

  • Anklet of Wind: Can be found in the Jungle biome in Shrine chests. These are hard to find and may not even have the Anklet. This may take some time to find.


  • Aglet: Can be found in chests on the surface, often in the Forest biome (in my own experience, but it’s not a rule). Much easier to find than the Anklet of Wind.

You may end up spending a lot of time canvassing the jungle looking for an Anklet of Wind, but it’s well worth it once you take it and the Anglet back to the Tinkerer’s Workshop and craft your Lightning Boots.

Step 3: Lightning Boots Into Frostspark Boots

Frostspark boots are not mandatory, but they do make moving around on ice much easier. In general, it’s just a good idea to go for the upgrade, and it’s nowhere near as difficult as getting the Lightning Boots themselves.

You simply need the following to make Frostspark Boots:

  1. Lightning Boots (you should already have these.)
  2. Ice Skates
  3. Tinkerer’s Workshop (you should already have this.)

Ice Skates can be sought out in chests underground in the Snow biome. They are nowhere near as rare as the Anklet of Wind and some exploration underground in your world’s Snow biome should give you some Ice Skates without driving you up the wall.

Once you’ve found your Ice Skates, simply take them and your Lightning Boots to the Tinkerer’s Workshop to craft your spiffy Frostspark Boots.

You can supplement the hovering function of your boots using items like the Cloud or Blizzard in a Bottle or filled balloons like the Honey Balloon or the Yellow Horseshoe Balloon. That said, wings, in general, are much better for flying. Your boots are mostly for running speed.

There are also a number of boots with special functions, such as Obsidian Water Walking Boots. These let you walk on water and honey and make you immune to fire, but give no speed boost. They are not meant to be a replacement for movement speed boots unless you absolutely cannot swap out other accessories.

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