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The Best Terminals to Hack in Fallout 76

Whether you're trying to complete challenges or simply need experience in Fallout 76, these easy to reach terminals are perfect.

Unlike war, Daily and Weekly challenges are always changing. But that doesn’t mean some don’t repeat. One of those tests your code-breaking skills, and knowing where to go to complete it is important. Here are the best terminal hacking locations in Fallout 76.

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The Easiest Terminals to Hack in Fallout 76

Sometimes a Daily or Weekly challenge will pop up that requires you to hack terminals. Unless you’re completing the main story quest, or wandering around doing a variety of side quests or faction missions, you won’t find terminals easily. Pinpointing where to go when these challenges appear can be difficult — much like finding a needle in a haystack.

To help you make the most efficient use of your time, we’ve compiled a list of the easiest terminals to reach for hacking quickly. Never waste time on this challenge again!

Skill 0 Terminals

  • Abbie’s Bunker Entrance.
  • Basement Area of Morgantown Airport.
  • Storage Room Control Terminal for Morgantown Airport.
  • Lighthouse Keeper’s Terminal in the Landview Lighthouse Keeper’s House.
  • Control Tower at Wade Airport.
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Skill 1 Terminals

  • Maintenance Terminal at Red Rocket Mega Stop.
  • Security Terminal at any of the Nuke Silos.
  • Mainframe Access Terminal at the Nuke Silos.
  • Maintenance Office Terminal at the Nuke Silos.
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The Most Challenging Terminals to Hack in FO76

If you’re looking for higher-level terminals to hack, or simply want to fight your way through hoards of enemies before you let your computer genius shine, these locations are for you. While I personally detest heading to Watoga since I struggle against robots, many of the terminals within the city can be a challenge to reach.

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  • Civic Center Tech Terminal in the Watoga Civic Center (Skill 1).
  • Flooded Trainyard Watchtower Terminal (Skill 2).
  • Gun Range Terminal on the third floor of the Garrahan Estate (Skill 3).
  • Engineer’s Terminal in Watoga Emergency Services (Skill 2).
  • Harper’s Ferry Armorer Terminal x2 (Skill 0).

Those are the best terminals to hack in Fallout 76, whether you’re looking to complete dailies quickly or want to challenge yourself. For more locations in Appalachia, whether it be Cryptids, items, or enemies, check out our guide vault.

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