Hostile mobs gathered on top of the hill in Minecraft
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The 5 Creepiest Minecraft Seeds To Scare You

Minecraft may not be too creepy, but these seeds may help fix that.

Minecraft is mainly designed as a relaxing sandbox game, but that doesn’t mean that there are no real challenges. Some of the hostile mobs can be very dangerous, and here are the 5 creepiest Minecraft seeds that may scare you.

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Minecraft: Top 5 Creepiest Seeds to Scare You

Seed: -101389313760383370

Wither hostile mob in Minecraft
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Wither is the scariest and most powerful hostile mob in Minecraft. To summon Wither, I had to combine 4 blocks of soul sand in a T-shape and put 3 Wither skeleton skulls on top. This seed has a nether world full of these types of blocks; that’s why it’s so easy to summon Wither here. You can find these blocks at the nether fortress at coordinates X: 900 Z: 1100.

Seed: 8931536988178593626

Enderman hostile mobs in Minecraft
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Enderman mobs are generally very neutral toward players. But they look creepy and will defend themselves when attacked. In this seed, I spawned on top of very strange, windswept, gravely hills with lots of caves. These turned out to be full of Enderman mobs, but I wouldn’t touch them if I were you. Unless you want to farm for the Ender Pearls, which they drop upon death.

Seed: 9000310381987201352

Piglin hostile mobs in Minecraft
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Once you spawn, travel to coordinates X: 200 Z: 184, where you’ll see an exposed ruined portal. Restore it and enter the Nether. On the other side, you’ll find yourself surrounded by an army of piglins. Usually, they don’t spawn in groups larger than two to four, but here, there are so many that it looks like nothing but trouble. If you come prepared, you can farm for tons of gold, which is what piglins are mainly known for.

Seed: 6472593197684634445

Creeper hostile mobs in Minecraft
Screenshot by GameSkinny

Creepers not only look scary, but they also sneak up on players and explode, dealing damage. In this seed, I spotted a whole group of them under the spawn point. I’m not sure why this particular seed is so infested with them, as typically, creepers don’t tend to spawn in groups. In any case, don’t come too close because if they explode together, it’s going to be one big bang for sure.

Seed: 997367539223004458

Phantom hostile mob in Minecraft
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If you don’t use your bed or survive for three days in a row in Minecraft, then you’ll start seeing phantom mobs flying in the night sky. They’re really dangerous, as they start attacking players from the sky. But if you manage to defeat them using a bow, then they’ll drop the membrane. This item is important for repairing your Elytra wings, which may get damaged over time. Since it’s so hard to obtain Elytra wings, it would be smart to regularly repair them instead of trying to get new ones.

That’s it for this list of the 5 creepiest Minecraft seeds that may scare you. Stay tuned for more MC tips and tricks articles right here.

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