With sixteen different characters to choose from, it can be hard to decide who to take into battle in The DioField Chronicle. Our best characters tier list should help with that.

The DioField Chronicle: Best Characters Tier List

With sixteen different characters to choose from, it can be hard to decide who to take into battle in The DioField Chronicle. Our best characters tier list should help with that.

The DioField Chronicle has an array of different characters to choose from, letting you build your ideal party from a selection of four different classes.

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You’ll unlock new characters sequentially as you make your way through the story, but eventually you’ll have to decide who you really want in your party. With that in mind, our best characters tier list should help you make that decision. 

S Tier

  • Andrias (Soldier) — Andrias is by far the best character in the entire game, and the only one that can use the Assassin build. Andrias’ damage is absolutely absurd, especially if you fully upgrade his weapons and abilities. Moves like Shadow Step also set Andrias up for ambushes on top of causing damage. He is the main character so it’s no surprise, but Andrias should always be a part of your party. 
  • Shivat (Magicker) — Upgrading the right abilities for Shivat essentially guarantees he never runs out of EP, guaranteeing you always have magic attacks and healing. His healing abilities are the best in the game, and most of his other magic focuses on defensive options as well. 
  • Zoruaq (Cavalier) — Both wyvern riders in the game are forces to be reckoned with, but Zoruaq manages to eke ahead of Chappleman purely because of his recovery abilities, which let the character heal himself whenever he causes damage. Zoruaq is superb at crowd control, and his high movement speed means you can also position him around the battlefield with ease. 
  • Umarida (Sharpshooter) — Umarida stands above the other sharpshooter purely because of her insane range and high crit rate. Chain Attack is a great skill for crowd control, while moves like Railgun can be effective against single enemies and groups. Make sure you invest in Umarida’s crit abilities, as it’ll make her much more effective in battle. 

A Tier

  • Fredret (Cavalier) — Fredret is a solid unit that boasts high defense and attack, and because of that he can function as both a tank or DPS. His versatility is what makes him such a great pick, on top of the sheer speed as a Cavalier. Fredret has an ability called Insult to Injury that boost damage by 30% against enemies with status effects. This can be a great pair with Andrias who can poison enemies with his Dagger Throw. 
  • Chappleman (Cavalier) — Chappleman comes in close to Zoruaq in terms of usefulness, and has all the same crowd control abilities. Where Zoruaq focuses on soaking up damage and healing, Chappleman focuses on auto-attack and speed buffs, which can help him hold his own against multiple units at once. 
  • Donovar (Soldier) – Donovar is essentially a hybrid tank, and like Zoruaq his abilities let him heal whenever he causes damage. Again, that’s a hugely useful benefit, even if Donovar doesn’t have the sheer stats that Zoruaq does. Still, Donovar is a great choice that can tank and cause tremendous AoE damage, all at the same time. 
  • Estalt (Magicker) — Estalt has the best damage output of all the magicker in the game, but as a tradeoff his healing leaves a lot to be desired, as he doesn’t get any abilities that boost healing. Still, he can be utterly deadly with the right party composition, especially if you invest in two abilities, Chaser and Focus. These two abilities means that his damage increases by 30% during cooldown and his cooldown is 30% faster, which ultimately means more damage. 

B Tier

  • Waltaquin (Magicker) — Waltaquin is essentially your average Magicker, she has good healing and damage, but doesn’t excel in either. Her biggest benefit is that abilities can reduce the EP cost of skills, while raising her overall EP, meaning you’ll be able to cast for longer. 
  • Izelair (Soldier) — Izelair is a pure tank, which is fine for the early chapters of the game, but once you unlock the more specialized hybrid tanks they’re usually the better choice. Still, Izelair is a great pick if you want a unit that can take all of the enemy’s attention and soak up damage. If you plan on using Izeliar invest in her Rude Health ability early on, as it lets here recover 1% HP every three seconds, which is a huge boon. 
  • Iscarion (Sharpshooter) — Iscarion doesn’t have very high damage output, but he can be especially useful for stunning and interrupting enemies, as well as laying traps to protect your flank. The standard archer is very much about positioning, and making sure you’re flanking enemies. 
  • Castavere (Cavalier) — Castavere’s stats and abilities aren’t quite as good as the other Cavaliers in the game, but he can still be useful with the right party. If you’re planning on using Castavere you absolutely need to unlock two abilities. Casanova boosts all of his attributes by 20 when in a unit with a female character, meaning you should only use him if you have a female unit. At the same time his final ability, Charisma, increases all attributes by 10 for every 1 female leader. This means you can get a huge stat boost if the rest of your party is made up of female units. 

C Tier

  • Tremina (Sharpshooter) — Tremina simply doesn’t have the stats or crit buffs to stand up to Umarida, making her the second choice, with one exception. Umarida has an ability called longing that boosts all of her attributes by 10 when in a unit with Iscarion. This means that you pairing the two together can be a good choice, especially since you’ll have a unit with a wide array of ranged skills. 
  • Rickenback (Sharpshooter) — Rickenback pales to pretty much every other Sharpshooter in the game, and her boosts to Luck simply don’t make up for her weaknesses in nearly everything else. She does have a chance of nullifying status effects, but generally, you won’t have much trouble with those as it is. 
  • Catherine (Soldier) — Catherine can be an effective tank like Izelair, but she’s simply not as effective as a whole. She has very low damage output, and skills like Critical Healing, which guarantees critical hits while healing, simply aren’t useful in really any way. 
  • Hezeliah (Magicker) — Much like Waltaquin Hezeliah doesn’t specialize in anything, but her damage and healing power aren’t great compared to the other Magickers as well. Hezeliah’s unique abilities boost her damage in relation to her defense attribute, but defense isn’t something you typically want to focus on for a support unit anyway. 

That should give you an idea of how all the characters of The DioField Chronicle pan out. If you need any more help, make sure to check out our guides hub

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