The Division 2 Bravo-09 Error Fix

The Division 2 Bravo-09 error got you down? We've found all the best troubleshooting steps to get you back in the action!

The Division 2 Bravo-09 error got you down? We've found all the best troubleshooting steps to get you back in the action!

The Division 2  error message Bravo-09 is a particularly annoying issue that can happen when you join a call for backup and leave the lobby. It may also pop up randomly when trying to join a game.

Ubisoft doesn’t currently list this error message in their troubleshooting support database and has offered no official response to what causes the problem. Thankfully, plenty of players who are plagued by Bravo-09 and other messages have already found a number of workarounds.

First, we’ll look at fixing the issue on Xbox, since the error is mostly affecting Xbox users. Afterward, further down in the guide, we will look at all platforms, including PC and PS4. 

Troubleshooting The Division 2 Bravo-09 Error

Due to lower staffing and higher than average player load as people remain inside during the coronavirus pandemic, always make sure the servers aren’t just plain down.

Before doing any other troubleshooting for The Division 2 error messages, take a look at these accounts for recent outage messages:

If the servers are up, then it’s time to start looking for the cause of the error message. In most cases, the Bravo-09 error seems to be a connectivity problem, either between your network hardware or between Xbox Live and The Division 2 servers.

Xbox Live Connectivity

The Bravo-09 Error in The Division 2 mostly affects Xbox players.

Some players have reported receiving the Bravo-09 error when experiencing an issue with how the Xbox Live and Xbox Live Gold services interact with the console’s dashboard. The problem seems to be tied to how the dashboard lets you pause games and then switch over to other apps.

To check if this is causing the problem, tap the Xbox Guide button and then open any other app that requires an online connection  Spotify, Prime Video, Hulu, etc.  and wait for that app to load up.

After that app is fully operational, tap the Guide button again and switch back to The Division 2. If this was causing the problem, you should get a “patch update” notice and then The Division 2 will automatically re-launch itself and start working.

Xbox Wireless Connection Problems

Right now, the Bravo-09 error seems to impact Xbox users the most, and there’s another potential issue to look at involving your Internet connection.

If you have a wireless connection, fully deleting the connection from your Xbox’s profile and then setting it up again has worked for some players. To get started, tap the Xbox Guide button and navigate through:

  • System
  • Settings
  • General
  • Network settings
  • Set up a wireless network

From there, delete your primary network and then create a new one (you’ll need to remember your network password first, of course).

Network Problems

On any platform, this particular error message sometimes pops up due to a logjam in your network. For some reason, your IP address just isn’t playing nice with The Division 2 anymore, which means it’s time to pull the plug and start a whole new connection.

Because there are several potential culprits along the path from your console or PC to Ubisoft’s servers, it’s best to tackle everything all at once.

First, fully power off your Xbox One, PS4, or PC. For your Xbox or PS4, you may have the console power settings changed to go into sleep mode instead of powering off. Make sure the console is entirely shut down or this won’t work. You can select the full power off option in the Settings menu, or instead just unplug your console entirely.

From there, fully unplug both your router and then your modem. Wait at least 15 seconds, then plug back in your modem. When the lights start blinking again, plug your router back in. Finally, turn your console or PC back on. In most cases, this flushes the problem and gets you a stable new connection.

As a last-ditch effort, you can always submit a ticket to Ubisoft here and hope to hear back from tech support if you keep getting the error message repeatedly.

Have you found any other Bravo-09 error workarounds or did any of these troubleshooting steps not work for you? Sound off in the comments below and we’ll look for more tips to get you back in the action.

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