Having trouble finding the hidden hotels scattered across The Division 2? Check out this guide and discover them all.

The Division 2: Hidden (Hydden) Hotel Locations

Having trouble finding the hidden hotels scattered across The Division 2? Check out this guide and discover them all.

Everybody loves a good mystery, and The Division 2 is taking a page out of Destinys book with plenty of secret goodies, riddles, and whatnot for players to discover out in the world.

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One such mystery you might have run across are the various well-appointed campsites around the map. These are the Hydden Hotels, and they live up to their name: they’re pretty well hidden

Not anymore.

This guide will show you where to find each hidden hotel across The Division 2‘s Washington D.C. and what you need to do once you’ve discovered them all. 

Once you enter each of them, be sure to press the Check In button. You’ll need it for the final part of the guide.

I’ll be moving west to east in this guide, so let’s get into it.

Mista Treehouse Hydden Hotel

To find this hidden hotel, head to the Lincoln Memorial, then make your way northwest. After a few minutes’ walking, you’ll run across a large thicket of bushes. On the eastern side of them, you should find an opening leading to a clearing. This hotel is nestled in the back in some trees.

Approximate Location

Zi BBQ Joint Hydden Hotel

The BBQ Joint is well hidden behind a large brick building to the south of the White House, on the south side of the main street separating its area of the map from West Potomac Park. You’ll be almost directly northwest of the Washington Monument.

To reach this hidden hotel, head to the north side of the building and look for a conspicuous stack of boxes as shown in the image. Climb up them and then over the wall to discover your hotel.

Approximate Location

Vosberg Hydden Hotel

The second of three hidden hotels near the White House, Vosberg can be found just to the southwest of The Ellipse, which contains the large military camp south of the Base of Operations. 

You’ll find the entrance among a large stack of shipping containers near a stone memorial. A flag waves in the air above this hotel, as shown in the picture above. Jump into the open crate and then down into the hotel. Alternately, there’s a back way in by the small shack with the green roof. Just follow the concrete barricades into the open, shaded cargo container.

Approximate Location

The McMilicamp Hydden Hotel

This hotel’s location is a little tricky. It’s tucked in a dark corner and its entrance is shrouded by creepers. 

To find it, head to the military camp in The Ellipse — the big circle south of the White House. In the southeastern portion of the camp are a number of large tents.

Find the one labeled “Prep Kitchen” and take its southern entrance (a lot of going south, I know). You won’t have to walk very far before you find a small set of tables and chairs. If you face the tables, the entrance is to your right. Check the picture for a better view.

Approximate Location

The Rockin’ Pete Hydden Hotel

The Rockin’ Pete’s location isn’t hard to find, but to get there you’ll need to go underground. Take any of the entrances scattered around the 

The hotel itself is tucked in the back of a train car on the eastern edge of the Metro Ruins control point. If you haven’t already taken the Metro Ruins, go ahead and do so, then head down to the lowest level. Head east until you find a pair of stopped subway cars, and enter the right one, the one more recessed into the tunnel. The hotel is at the back.

You’ll know you’ve gone the right way if you see bright red light at the end of the car.

Approximate Location

The Washington Monument Hydden Hotel

The sixth and final hotel is located deep inside the Washington Monument, so if you haven’t cleared that control point, do so now. You’ll want to head down into the building where the Supply Room is and look for a ladder you can climb.

If you’ve done everything right, there will be six lights lit up at the top of the ladder and a button you can press nearby. Press said button to open a secret compartment where the final hotel awaits.

You’ll find the secret door in the image at the top of the post.


And that’s it. You’ve found all the hidden Hydden Hotels in The Division 2, gotten some bonus loot, learned a little lore, and had a fun romp around post-apocalyptic Washington D.C. Congratulations.

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