With the release of The Division 2 less than two months away, Massive Entertainment reveals how long it will take for players to finish it story mode.

The Division 2: How Long is the Campaign?

With the release of The Division 2 less than two months away, Massive Entertainment reveals how long it will take for players to finish it story mode.

In an interview that took place in August 2018, Massive Entertainment’s managing director, David Polfeldt, told GamesIndustry that he expected The Division 2 to feature a longer campaign than the first entry in the series. Now, the developers of the upcoming third-person shooter have expanded on this statement, revealing an approximate length for The Division 2‘s story mode.

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As reported by Xbox Wire, fans can expect to spend approximately 40 hours completing the campaign in the highly-anticipated sequel. Furthermore, while players will have the option to tackle the sizable campaign cooperatively, the report reconfirms that The Division 2‘s story mode can be played solo as well.

According to HowLongToBeat, a website dedicated to compiling user-submitted game completion times, it takes approximately 20 hours to finish The Division. For those that wanted more out of the first entry’s campaign, the news that The Division 2‘s story mode will take twice as long to complete is certain to be an exciting prospect.

Regarding the contents of the campaign, The Division 2 takes place months after the events of The Division, wherein a deadly virus was unleashed in New York City. With the United States now in shambles, the new entry sends players to Washington D.C. where they will be responsible for preventing enemy factions from taking over the nation’s capital, an event that would lead to society’s total collapse.

Additionally, Massive has emphasized that The Division 2‘s campaign is “designed with end-game in mind first.” This is a sentiment that has been voiced previously, and the implications are that completing the campaign will naturally supply players with the equipment necessary to begin participating in the game’s end-game content.

Part of this content will undoubtedly be the three Dark Zones featured in The Division 2. These distinct areas will not only be sites for active PvP, but they will also serve as locations where players can acquire powerful loot.

With The Division 2, Massive appears to be operating under the belief that bigger is indeed better. While players will still need to wait two more months before they can confirm firsthand if this idea holds true, surveying the recently revealed PC requirements may act as a distraction in the interim.

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