The Dream Machine Chapter 1 Walkthrough

A complete walkthrough for the first chapter of the point-and-click adventure, The Dream Machine.

A complete walkthrough for the first chapter of the point-and-click adventure, The Dream Machine.

The Dream Machine is a point-and-click adventure developed by Cockroach Inc and published by The Sleeping Machine. Players take on the role of Victor Neff who along with his wife is starting to settle into his new home. What starts off as a standard day of moving into a new apartment soon takes an unexpected twist.

This guide gives you a step by step walkthrough on how to complete the first chapter of the game in its entirety; it will also provide puzzle solutions. Please note that is guide does contain spoilers, so it is advised to only read as far into the article as you have advanced in the game.

The Dream Machine Chapter 1, Part 1 — Stranded

When you start the game, you will find yourself stranded on a little island. The goal is to find a way off the island, which consists of finding a fishing rod, lighting a fire, catching a fish, and finding a map. Let’s get started!

  1. Pick up the fishing rod propped against the left tree.
  2. Pick up the shovel stuck in the ground on the right side of the island
  3. Use the fishing rod with the ocean.
  4. Move the middle rock that sits between the two trees and pick up the lighter underneath it.
  5. Pick up the three pieces of wood at the front of the island.
  6. Use the three pieces of wood in the fireplace and then use the lighter to start a fire.
  7. Use the shovel with the ground and then look into the hole to find a worm.
  8. Pick up the worm and use it with the fishing rod.
  9. Once a fish starts biting the line, click on the rod to reel it in.
  10. Use the shovel on the fish to kill it and then use it with the fireplace.
  11. After giving the fish some time to cook, pick it up and use it on yourself to receive a map that is hidden inside it.
  12. Examine the map and note there is an X at the top of it. The circles represent the rocks and trees of the island.
  13. Use the shovel on the ground at the front of the island and examine the hole to find an alarm clock.

The Dream Machine Chapter 1, Part 2 — Home Sweet Home

After waking up from your dream, where you’re stranded on an island, you begin your first day in your new home. Throughout this section, you will need to set up a place for breakfast and get the spare apartment key from the caretaker. Let’s get settled in!

  1. Turn off the alarm clock and enter the room to the right.
  2. In this room, you notice a cardboard box that is open; examine it.
  3. Move all the items in the box to the side and pick up the telephone at the bottom.
  4. Walk into the kitchen and speak with Alicia.
  5. Alicia will ask you to set up a table for breakfast. Simply pick up the cardboard box and go to the room on the left.
  6. Before placing the box on the floor, you will notice a burned letter in the ashtray by the window. Pick it up.
  7. Examine the letter and piece it together for a hint that will become apparent in Part 3 of this guide.
  8. Once finished with the letter, place the box on the floor and go to Alicia. Tell her you have set up some form of a table for breakfast.
  9. Go back into the room on the left and sit down by the box. Talk with Alicia over breakfast.
  10. After breakfast, you will need to get in contact with the caretaker. Go back to the kitchen and then back to the room where you got the telephone followed by the room to the right.
  11. By the apartment door, you will see a box. Click on it to move it.
  12. You will see a socket for the telephone behind the box. Use the telephone on the socket.
  13. Pick up the mail on the floor and open the letter.
  14. Examine the letter to find the phone number for Prosser & Ankovich. Then examine the envelope to find your home address.
  15. Use the phone to call Prosser & Ankovich, who will give you the phone number to the caretaker, Mr. Morton.
  16. Use the phone to call Mr. Morton.
  17. Wait for a knock on the door and let Mr. Morton in to receive the key.

The Dream Machine Chapter 1, Part 3 — A Couple’s Worst Nightmare

In the final part of the first chapter, you find that your first day in your new apartment turns into a couple’s worst nightmare. You will need to fix the elevator, exchange words with the laziest “mover” in existence, and uncover the dark secret of Mr. Morton. Let’s get down and dirty.

  1. Before leaving the apartment, enter the doorway at the back of the room. Then enter the bathroom to the right.
  2. Pick up the baby oil and leave the apartment.
  3. After calling the elevator, it will get stuck. Simply use the baby oil on the elevator to free it.
  4. Enter the elevator and head to the first floor.
  5. After exiting the elevator, make your way to the front entrance and talk to the “mover”. Give in to him, and he will give you a crowbar.
  6. Go back to your apartment and to the bedroom. This is where the letter found in the ashtray comes into play.
  7. Use the crowbar on the floor by the bedroom doorway.
  8. Examine the hole and you will find a strange device. This is the first major puzzle of the game. Simply turn the dials on the device as shown in the picture below to blow the fuse.

  9. Remove the blown fuse and place your apartment key in its place to have a couple’s worst nightmare revealed to you.
  10. Tell Alicia to call the police while you deal with Morton.
  11. Return to the first floor to find Morton’s Office to the right locked.
  12. Look in through the window of Morton’s office to see a key on the other side. Use the letter with the key to slide it to your side.
  13. Use the key on the office door and enter to end the chapter.

And there you have it, a complete step by step walkthrough for the first chapter of The Dream Machine. I hope that it has helped you throughout the introduction to the game. Be sure to keep an eye out for more walkthroughs for the other chapters of The Dream Machine here on GameSkinny.

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