The Elder Scrolls: Legends Ranks and Ranked Rewards Guide

Everything you need to know about The Elder Scrolls: Legends Ranked Play mode -- and Ranked Rewards!

Everything you need to know about The Elder Scrolls: Legends Ranked Play mode -- and Ranked Rewards!
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Whether you’re a new player or a veteran, this guide is all about how to dominate The Elder Scrolls: Legends‘ Ranked Play game mode. You’ll learn about all the different constellations and how to rank up to become a Legend. But you’ll want to have built a strong deck before jumping in, so I recommend at least finishing the main story before jumping into Ranked play. But once you’ve constructed a deck you’re happy with, you’re good to go.

On the surface, this mode appears complicated — but don’t worry, once you break it down, it’s easy as sweetrolls.

Now let’s get to it!

How to Rank Up in The Elder Scrolls: Legends

Ranked Play in The Elder Scrolls: Legends presents you with 12 ranks that you need to climb to attain the rank of Legend, starting at Rank 12 and working your way down. To climb the ranks, you’ll need to win matches which reward you with one star per win.

Each rank is represented by one of the 13 constellations associated with The Elder Scrolls games and, depending on the constellation, will require a differing number of stars to clear the rank.

The Ranks

Here are the ranks, along with the number of stars you’ll need to climb each one.

Rank Number of Stars
Rank 12 — The Ritual  7 Stars
Rank 11 — The Lover 4 Stars
Rank 10 — The Lord 4 Stars
Rank 9 — The Mage 7 Stars
Rank 8 — The Shadow 5 Stars
Rank 7 — The Steed 5 Stars
Rank 6 — The Apprentice 5 Stars
Rank 5 — The Warrior 7 Stars
Rank 4 — The Lady 6 Stars
Rank 3 — The Tower 6 Stars
Rank 2 — The Atronach 6 Stars
Rank 1 — The Thief 7 Stars


After reaching Rank 10 (The Lord), you begin to be punished for losing matches by losing a star. If after losing a match your total would be zero stars for that rank, you are moved into The Serpent Rank. The Serpent Rank serves as a sin-bin that you stay in until you win two matches in a row. You will then be reinstated into the rank from which you were demoted.

The Elder Scrolls: Legends Ranked Rewards

At the end of every month, the current season ends and a new one begins. This is when Ranked Rewards are dished out. Depending on the rank you achieved throughout any specific season, you’ll be eligible for a specific amount of Gold, Soul Gems, and that season’s Reward Card.

The Mage, The Warrior, and The Thief are three milestones to reach in order to receive up to three copies of the reward card. You will also start the next season from the last milestone you ranked up from.

For example, if you ended the season in The Shadow (8), The Steed (7), or The Apprentice (6) ranks, you would start the next season in The Mage (9) rank. Finishing the season in any rank above The Warrior (5) will allow you to start the next season in The Warrior rank. You cannot start a new season in the third milestone rank of The Thief (1).

Here are the Rank Rewards received for finishing a season in each rank.

Rank Gold Soul Gems Rank Reward Card
Rank 12 — The Ritual  0 0 0
Rank 11 — The Lover 15 70 0
Rank 10 — The Lord  20 80 0
Rank 9 — The Mage  25 100 1
Rank 8 — The Shadow 30 110 1
Rank 7 — The Steed  35 120 1
Rank 6 — The Apprentice  40 130 1
Rank 5 — The Warrior 45 150 2
Rank 4 — The Lady 50 160 2
Rank 3 — The Tower 55 170 2
Rank 2 — The Atronach 60 180 2
Rank 1 — The Thief 65 200 3
Legend 70 250 3


If you finish a season in The Serpent Rank, you will receive Rank Rewards based on the rank from which you were demoted.

If you’re skilled enough to make it to the Legend Rank, you’re given a number which represents your total standing in the game. If you can ever make it to the number 1 Legend spot, congratulations, you’re now the best player in the game!

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