If you're looking to track down all the Mysterious Objects in The Evil Within 2, this guide will show where each of them can be found.

The Evil Within 2 Guide: Collect All The Mysterious Objects

If you're looking to track down all the Mysterious Objects in The Evil Within 2, this guide will show where each of them can be found.

The Evil Within 2 loves nothing as much as its collectibles. As you progress through the game, you can sometimes stumble across some truly well-hidden items strewn throughout Union and the Marrow. These Mysterious Objects have no purpose in the game, but since they look cool, Sebastian will set them up on a desk in his office.

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Collecting all eight of the Mysterious Objects unlocks the All In the Family achievement/trophy. If you’re a completionist, you’re definitely going to want to find these peculiar items. 

Spoiler warning! This is intended as a guide for players who have already found one or more of the Mysterious Objects on their own and who would like to collect the set. Keeping them a surprise is really the fun of it all. 

In addition, a couple of the objects are hidden in story-critical locations late in the plot, including one that’s only available at a critical moment in the ending. It’s effectively impossible to tell you where they are without it being at least an indirect spoiler. Don’t read this guide unless you’ve already beaten the The Evil Within 2 or don’t care if parts of the narrative are spoiled.

The Mysterious Objects in The Evil Within 2

Mysterious Weapon Replica

Check the corner of a rooftop on the east side of Cedar Street in Union during Chapter 3. You can get up there by hopping the fenced enclosure toward the back of the house, then crossing over via the makeshift bridge.

This may be the easiest of the lot to find, as while there aren’t a lot of reasons to be on Cedar Street unless you’re exploring, there’s often a Lost up here with a firebomb that you can see from a long way off.

For additional clarity, here’s a screenshot of the in-game map.

Mysterious Mask

This can be found inside one of the crashed commuter train cars on the west side of Union, which you can go straight for once you start Chapter 3. Fittingly, the train car in question is full of rats and severed body parts.

Mysterious Machine

Check inside one of the parked trucks in the parking lot of Tredwell Trucking on the west side of town in Chapter 3. The truck you want has its shutter facing east, toward the back of the lot.

Here’s another clip of the in-game map to show you more or less where you want to be looking.

Mysterious Bobblehead

Look between a couple of big, gray shipping crates in the storage room near the Business District exit of the Marrow. You first pass this way in Chapter 6, and while there’s a special encounter in this room at that point, you can still pick up the Bobblehead either immediately before or immediately after that encounter. However, the room it’s in becomes permanently inaccessible in Chapter 11.

This screenshot’s had its brightness tweaked a bit for legibility’s sake, but it should give you a hint as to where to look. Note that if you’re facing the door that leads toward the Business District exit, the Bobblehead’s on the left side of the room.

Mysterious Action Figure

In Chapter 6, look inside a blue dumpster along the southern edge of the Business District. There’s a fallen Mobius guard nearby who’s left the “Failed Rescue” Residual Memory, which you can track with your communicator.

There are a lot of landmarks here, but it’s pretty easy to get chased out of this area by an enemy ambush before you go looking for the Action Figure. Just to hedge the bet, here’s another screenshot of the in-game map showing its location.

Mysterious Symbol

In Chapter 12, when you wake up in Sebastian’s house, don’t go downstairs right away. Visit his study and look on the table across from his desk.

Mysterious Mug

Once you’ve scoped out the hotel for Hoffman in Chapter 13, tell her you need to prepare, then check behind the hotel’s front desk. You’ve already visited this hotel a couple of times over the course of the game, but the Mug won’t be there before Hoffman arrives.

Mysterious Toy

In Chapter 17, when you reach Sebastian’s house for the final time, don’t go upstairs right away. Go around the corner to his living room and you’ll find this toy on a bookshelf near the kitchen.

Yes, that’s right. There’s a collectible hidden in the most narrative-heavy part of the game’s final chapter. There’s a spoiler warning here for a reason.

All eight of the Mysterious Objects will end up displayed prominently in Sebastian’s Office the next time you start a New Game Plus. Congratulations on completing your collection!

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