The Evil Within 2 Guide: How to Find All the Residual Memories

There are echoes of other people's memories caught in The Evil Within 2's STEM. Find out how to track them all down with this guide.

There are echoes of other people's memories caught in The Evil Within 2's STEM. Find out how to track them all down with this guide.

In The Evil Within 2, Residual Memories are short echoes of past events caught within the fabric of Union. You can learn how to home in on and view them from O’Neal in Chapter 3 by talking to him and accepting the “Rogue Signal” side mission.

From that point forward, you can find Residual Memories scattered throughout the game. Whenever you get close to one, your communicator will ping.

There are a total of 24 Memories in the game, many of which you’re guided to as part of a mission or story objective. However, several are very easy to miss. You also receive 500 green gel as a reward for tracking down all optional Memories, which makes it worth the effort. Finding and viewing all 24 Memories unlocks the Echoes Within STEM trophy/achievement.

As with the other TEW2 guides, this deserves a spoiler warning. Even the names of some of the Memories can give away crucial plot details, and discussing their locations often means going into detail about the game’s events. If you care about spoilers at all, don’t read this unless you’ve already cleared the game.

Let’s get started.

All Residual Memory Locations in The Evil Within 2

#1: Hayes and Turner Hatch Their Plan
Once you’ve spoken with O’Neal and gotten the “Rogue Signal” side mission, you can find this Memory in the trash pickup zone west of Krimson’s Supermarket in Chapter 3.

#2: Hayes and Turner Split Up
You can listen to this Memory in the back room of the house at 322 Cedar Ave., behind the church. You’re guided to it as part of the “Rogue Signal” side mission in Chapter 3.

#3: Turner Loses Contact
Visit the office in the Union Body Shop.

#4: Turner Meets His Gruesome End
When you’ve done the legwork to reach and complete the last two Memories, you receive a transmission telling you to meet Turner at the Union Visitor Center. When you go there, the door behind the desk is now open, letting you reach the basement and view this Memory.

#5: Train to Nowhere
Find this memory at the north end of the crashed train along the west side of the map in Chapter 3, near the Union Body Shop. This is probably the single easiest Memory of the lot to miss, as it’s well out of your way and has no attached hint of its existence.

#6: Fatal Witness
Solve the fuse box puzzle in the office of the Union Body Shop, then raise the closest auto lift and open the hatch. This can be found in the crawlspace leading to the secret supply room.

#7: Batten Down the Hatches
Use a shock bolt to open the garage of the Union Gas & Power building in Chapter 3 or 4. This Memory is just inside.

#8: Trapped in the Marrow
It’s hard to miss this one. It’s right next to the open vent you need to use to reach the exit from the Marrow in Chapter 4, on the close side of the collapsed passageway.

#9: Before the Collapse
Right at the start of Chapter 5, look in the gazebo to the left of the road to City Hall.

#10: Waiting for Stevens
You will run right into this one as you leave the saferoom in the Business District in Chapter 6.

#11: Parts and Pieces
You can find this Memory in the parking lot east of the credit union in the Business District in Chapter 6, next to the pile of charred corpses.

Warning: if you haven’t already fought and killed the corpse golem that’s running around the streets, watching this Memory will spur its sudden and dramatic arrival. Don’t grab this Memory at all unless you have the ammunition for a prolonged fight.

#12: After Life
Look in the kitchen of the Juke Diner in the Business District during Chapter 6. Watching this Memory also triggers a series of events that culminate in your getting one of the slides.

#13: Failed Rescue
In the back alleys along the southern edge of the Business District in Chapter 6, past the infested corpse pile and the parked humvee, you’ll find the ill-fated Stevens. She has a key you need, as well as a Memory to record. If you take the former, however, expect another ambush.

#14: Stefano’s Affirmation
In Chapter 8, before you enter the theater to confront Stefano, turn around and go up another set of stairs to the landing on the third floor. The Memory is in front of the lit picture on the wall.

#15: The Tortured
In Chapter 9, after you use the crank handle to escape from the dungeons, you end up in a cell block. The last cell on the right is locked down, but you can get in by using a crawlspace in the cell to its right. Inside, you’ll find gunpowder and this Memory, which is a gut-twister.

#16: Hoffman Gets A Strange Call
You automatically get this Memory when you return to the Marrow in Chapter 11. It does not award you gel.

#17: Hoffman Has Clearance
Again, you automatically get this Memory when you reach the locked security door in the laboratory in Chapter 11. It isn’t worth any gel either.

#18: All is Lost…
Check Lab 2 on the second floor of the Restricted Labs in Chapter 11. You can pick up the Resonance from this from a long way off, which may mislead you about where it is.

#19: His Master’s Voice
After the boss fight in Chapter 11, you can find this in Lab 4. It’s a gimme since you have to go there anyway.

#20: Evil Alliance
In Chapter 14, after your elevator ride, drop into the bloody drainage ditch in front of the double doors to find this Memory. You probably picked up its Resonance from a long way off.

#21, #22, #23, #24: You automatically pick these up on your way to the final confrontation in Chapter 16. Even their names are substantial spoilers, so we’ve chosen to omit them. However, you get Resonance pings from your communicator for them from a long way off, and there’s almost nothing else in this level that would distract you. They’re almost guaranteed.

That’s it. Residual Memories are arguably the easiest collectible to find in The Evil Within 2, but some of them are still fairly well hidden. Good luck in STEM!

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