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Bunny in The First Descendant
Screenshot by GameSkinny

The First Descendant Best Bunny Build

Here's The First Descendant best Bunny build that will help you zip through the early stages of the game.

Bunny is one of the first Descendants you can unlock in the game. She is extremely powerful due to her mobility and electric-based skills. Here’s The First Descendant best Bunny build that will help you zip through the early stages of the game so you can get to the end game quickly.

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The Best Bunny Build in The First Descendant

This build is one of the best early-game builds for Bunny that you can use to level and unlock better content for a late-game build quickly. The nice thing about this build is you will unlock all of the recommended items quickly in the game by completing quests and progressing the game.

The Best Descendant Modules for Bunny

I recommend these modules because they provide a boost to Bunny’s skills while lowering their cooldown:

  • Electric Master: This mod increases electric skill power.
  • Electric Specialist: This mod adds the Electric Skill Power Boost Ration.
  • Nimble Fingers: This mod reduces the cooldown of Bunny’s abilities.

While you are looking for the three recommended modules, the below are good alternatives:

  • Dual Claw
  • Increased DEF
  • Increased HP
  • Skill Cost Optimize
  • Skill Expansion
  • Strong Mentality

The Best Reactor for Bunny

Since Bunny’s primary attribute is electric, her skills are in the singular and fusion type. In addition, you’ll want to focus on Reactor stats that include SKill Power and Sub Attack Power. If you can’t find any with those focuses, you’ll want to use a reactor that increases her Skill Critical Hit damage.

For instance, you’ll want to use one of these two reactors:

  • Tingling Mixture: Provides a boost to Electric and Singular type
  • Tingling Mixture: Boost to Electric and Fusion Type

Finally, ensure your reactor has the Submachine Gun weapon class for the Optimization Condition since this build focuses on using a sub-machine gun.

The Best External Components for Bunny

You’ll want to focus on the following stats with your external components in this order:

  • Max HP
  • DEF
  • Max Shield
  • HP recovery

However, when you first start playing, you’ll most likely use the higher-tier external components or set pieces you gain from questing and defeating bosses, which is fine.

The Best Weapon for Bunny

The Thunder Cage Submachine Gun is the best weapon in the game for this Bunny leveling build. This weapon is the best option for a few reasons, the first being it is the first Ultimate Weapon you can unlock early in the game. You’ll get the quests to unlock the materials after arriving at Albion, level 10, and you’ll collect all recipe items when you reach level 17 at the first quest in Ironworks. From there, it’ll take 4 hours to research. The Thunder Cage works well with Bunny’s electric skills, creating a shocking synergy.

Researching a Precision Phase Exchanger in The First Descendant.
Screenshot by GameSkinny

However, after you unlock the Thunder Cage for Bunny in The First Descendant, it’ll be at an extremely low level and unusable in its current state. To fix this, you’ll need to get a Precision Phase Exchanger through research to raise the weapon’s level. Once obtained, head to a weapon workbench and use it on a higher-level gun to increase the level of the Thunder Cage. You’ll need to keep doing this as you gain levels and obtain higher-level weapons. It is best to do this every time you move from one zone to another after clearing all quests or when you gain another mastery level.

The Best Weapon Mods for Bunny

Here are the best weapon mods for Bunny:

  • Electric Conductor: Improves your Firearm Attack while attacking Electrocuted enemies.
  • Fire Rate Up: Provides a huge boost to your Firerate.
  • Rifling reinforcement: Provides a huge boost to your Firearm Attack.

The below weapon mods will also work until you obtain the three recommended ones:

  • Action and Reaction: Your Firearm Attack and Recoil are boosted.
  • Concentrate Support Ammo: Increases the number of rounds in your weapon’s magazine and a slight boost to Firearm Critical Hit Damage.
  • Fire Rate Up: Your Fire Rate is boosted.
  • Hawkeye: Boosts your Accuracy.
  • Marksman: Your Firearm Critical Hit Rate and Attack are boosted.
  • Reload Concentration: Your reload rate is faster, and Firearm Critical Damage is boosted.
  • Weak Point Control: Your Weak Point Damage and Recoil are boosted.
  • Weak Point Sight: Your Weak Point Damage is boosted.

Now that you know The First Descendant best Bunny build, you’ll dash through the game’s quests and level quickly. Check out our The First Descendant hub for more guides like How to Fix The First Descendant Stuttering Issues so you can eliminate those annoying interruptions during fast-paced gameplay.

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