The First Descendant Character Tier List
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The First Descendant: Character Tier List

Some look uninspiring but are amazing, other look cool but are practically useless. Let's rank the best and worst Descendants currently in the game.

The First Descendant has tons of Descendants to choose from, all with their unique strengths and weaknesses. However, it’s undeniable that some of the Descendants are a bit more “gifted” than their counterparts. Let’s see who those are and why.

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Strongest Characters in The First Descendant

From S-tier to F-tier, these are currently the best and the worst Descendants in the game. Let’s look at what makes them so.

S-Tier Descendants

These are currently the best of the best and will excel in any situation you put them in.

Bunny: Overall Best Descendant (S-Tier)

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  • Mobile.
  • Great AoE and single-target damage.
  • Easily unlocked.


  • Squishy.
  • Requires support from teammates to be fully effective.

Bunny is an all-around decent character to run with. There really is no downside to her in her current state, save for her squishiness. She excels in whatever situation she’s thrown in, be it in wave-defenses or in boss encounters.

Gley: Most Survivable Descendant (S-Tier)

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  • Exceptional damage output.
  • Survivable.


  • Her abilities curtail you into only playing her in a single way.

Just like Bunny, Gley is an amazing all-around character. Her passive ability, paired with her 3rd active ability, practically gives her infinite ammo & health supply at any time, which makes her one of the most survivable Descendants in the game.

Jayber: The Descendant With The Most Utility (S-Tier)

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  • Amazing utility because of his turrets.
  • Great for solo play and for team runs.


  • He can be at the whim of his turret’s cooldown at times.
  • His efficiency rapidly drops when his turrets aren’t active.

Jayber is quite possibly one of the most fun Descendants to play currently, however, his dependency on his turrets makes him not the best choice for certain situations. He’s a great all-arounder, but he’s just not the best.

Almost The Strongest Descendants in The First Descendant (A-Tier)

A Tier Descendants aren’t exactly bad, but they’re just not on the same level as those before them.

Freyna: Highest AoE Damage Dealer (A-Tier)

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  • One of the best AoE damage dealers in the game.
  • Exceptional at crowd control.


  • Lacks burst damage.
  • Isn’t suited for taking on bosses.

Freyna is currently one of the best AoE damage dealers, but that’s just about the only thing she’s good at. She’s meant to control crowds and to whittle them down slowly; just don’t expect her to shine in boss encounters, as that’s her weak suit.

Ajax: Tankiest Descendant (A-Tier)

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  • Tankiest Descendant in the game.
  • Can be unlocked for free at the start.
  • Surprisingly mobile.


  • Not the best for boss fights.
  • Long cooldowns tend to hamstring him.

Ajax is one of the three starting characters you get to choose from, and despite being a tank, he’s surprisingly pretty fun to play. He’s surprisingly mobile, highly survivable, has great crowd control, and is one of the best support characters currently in the game.

Lepic: Best Starter (A-Tier)

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  • The best starting character.
  • Amazing crowd control and burst damage capabilities.
  • Passive ability acts as a 2nd life.


  • Hamstrung by cooldowns.
  • Once he’s performed his combo he’s practically useless until his cooldowns refresh.

Lepic is probably the best starting character as he’s easy to learn and highly useful in most early-game scenarios. His problem is that he gets phased out by the mid-game by characters that are just better and aren’t hampered by cooldowns as he is.

Viessa: Best Debuffer (A-Tier)

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  • Free starting Descendant.
  • Exceptional crowd-control capabilities.


  • Easy to learn, hard to master.
  • Her abilities don’t do that much damage overall.

Viessa is the third and final starting character that you can pick from. She’s arguably the hardest to learn of the three but gets progressively stronger as you advance through the game and find better loot. The good thing about her is that she remains viable throughout the game.

Definitely Not The Strongest Characters in The First Descendant (B-Tier)

These Descendants might be good in the hands of a good player, but overall they’re mediocre.

Blair: Decent DoT Dealer (B-Tier)

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  • Decent DoT dealer.
  • Survivable.


  • Sub-par performance compared to similar Descendants such as Freyna.
  • His only amazing ability is his ultimate, with the others being mediocre at best.

In skilled hands, Blair might make an amazing Descendant. But for the average player, he’s just painfully mediocre. He’s fun to play with but not very efficient in most instances. To get the most out of him, you have to pair him with other debuffers.

Valby: Okay Crowd Controller (B-Tier)

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  • Highly mobile.
  • Decent crowd control capabilities.


  • Squishy when not using her third ability.
  • The cooldown on her ultimate makes her a situational crowd controller at best.

Valby is generally fun to play, even though she’s practically a less efficient Lepic. Her ultimate has a similar effect as Lepic’s third ability but has a longer cooldown. Her mobility is her saving grace, though it doesn’t amount to much in most situations.

Painfully Mediocre (C-Tier)

These characters are great in theory but are poorly executed in the game.

Kyle: Highly Tanky But Inflexible (C-Tier)

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  • Surprisingly mobile.
  • Highly survivable.


  • Lacks offensive capabilities.
  • His design limits you to close-quarters combat only.

After Ajax, Kyle is probably the second most survivable character in the game. Unlike Ajax, however, he lacks the utility to be effective in different circumstances. All Kyle does is go in, smash some heads in, and get out. If you’re not a fan of that kind of playstyle, avoid Kyle.

Yujin: Knockoff Jayber (C-Tier)

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  • Multiple support abilities.
  • Useful in any situation.


  • Non-existent damage output.
  • Not good for solo play.

Similarly to Valby, Yujin is just an inferior Jayber with a focus on support abilities. He’ll never be completely redundant, as there can never be enough support in a team; it’s just that that’s his only thing. He lacks Jayber’s utility, which makes him a hard-to-recommend Descendant overall.

The Esiemo Tier (D-Tier)

It’s just Esiemo here. He’s not the worst, but he’s definitely lacking.

Esiemo: The Solo King (D-Tier)

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  • Amazing burst damage.
  • Great for soloing bosses.


  • His playstyle requires you to be danger close to the enemy at all times.
  • His combo takes a long time to set up and execute.

Esiemo sounds fun in theory but is disappointing in practice. His main drawback is the fact that he takes too long to set up his combo, all while being in the enemy’s face. His saving grace is that he’s great at taking on bosses, but that’s just about the only thing he’s good at.

The Worst of the Worst (F-Tier)

These characters are practically useless in their current state. Avoid them at all costs!

Sharen: Inefficient Currently (F-Tier)

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  • Elusive & survivable.
  • Decent for taking out single targets.


  • Squishy when not stealthed.
  • Lacks any serious AoE abilities.

Sharen is a good character, just not for a game like The First Descendant, at least not yet. Her design is completely catered towards PvP play, and regrettably, The First Descendant has no PvP mode just yet. Until that gets added, she will remain at the bottom of every tier list as one of the most useless characters in the game.

Enzo: Completely Redundant (F-Tier)

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  • Can restore ally ammunition.
  • Great in a pre-comp team.


  • Limited damage-dealing capabilities.
  • Impractical for solo play.

Just as with Sharen. Enzo’s problem is that he’s great on paper but has no purpose in reality. His whole deal is that he restores his allies’ ammunition… in a game where there’s a constant stream of ammunition. Until Enzo gets a rework, just stay away from him.

That’s it for the best and worst characters in The First Descendant. Make sure to check on our First Descendant guides hub for the latest tips about the game.

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