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The First Descendant: The Best Lepic Build and Loadout

Lepic may seem like a weak character, but with this build, you'll beat your enemies faster than anyone else.

In The First Descendant, Lepic is one of the first characters players can unlock, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy to master. His abilities may seem straightforward initially, but equipping the right items and weapons will be key to defeating bosses and tougher enemies. So, if you are looking for the best Lepic build and loadout in The First Descendant, you are in the right place.

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The Best Lepic Loadout in The First Descendant

While playing as Lepic, I experimented with a few load-outs, but one I picked up recently has taken my experience to another level. At the start of the game, some players may gravitate toward running an assault rifle, shotgun, and sniper rifle combination.

I did the same without giving it too much thought, but that came at a high price. Shotguns and sniper rifles share the same ammo, and it’s not as common as other types of ammo within the game, so equipping both will result in using both weapons less than you would want to.

Your loadout should have a hand cannon, a sniper rifle, and a submachine gun. These three weapons use different ammo, so you won’t have to worry about running out of ammo as often as in other builds.

For this build, I’m using the Assassin’s Edge hand cannon. This hand cannon has a base Firearm ATK of 1790 and a DPS of 3578. The Assassin’s Edge is great for disposing of enemies at a distance, but its fire rate and low ammo capacity make it a bit tricky to use when there are many enemies around you. Because of this, you must equip the following modules or attachments:

  • Better Concentration: +9.7% firearm critical damage
  • Hawk-Eye: +11% accuracy
  • Rifling Reinforcement: +12% firearm ATK
  • Vibration Absorption: -11% recoil
  • Hit Rate Insight: +8% accuracy and +1.5% firearm critical hit rate
  • Weak Point Sight: +9% weak point damage
  • Expand Weapon Charge: +12% rounds per magazine

With Expand Weapon Charge, the Assassin’s Edge will have an extra round. It may sound useless, but missing a shot may be critical to finishing off enemies that do damage at a distance. The increased damage potential added by the other attachments will also help you when taking down the enemy’s shields, and the added recoil control will make hitting the following shots even better.

For the sniper rifle slot, you should equip the Forest Gaze. This weapon is great at killing tougher enemies with its damage potential that will kill most low-level enemies in a single shot. Sniper rifles use high-power rounds, a rare ammo type in the game, so you should save your shots for enemies that your submachine gun or hand cannon cannot handle. Use the Forest Gaze with the following modules:

  • Fire Rate-Up (level 2): +7.3% fire rate.
  • Better Insight: +8% firearm critical hit rate.
  • Better Concentration: +9% firearm critical hit damage.
  • Expand Weapon Charge: +12% rounds per magazine.
  • Fatal Critical: +5% firearm critical hit damage and +1 firearm critical hit rate.
  • Recycling Genius: +8% reload time modifier.

These modules will enhance the Forest Gaze, making it fire faster, hold more rounds, and deal the most damage possible. Your best bet to succeed in your missions is to save the Forest Gaze for enemies with shields or hard-to-hit weak spots. The added zoom and heavy rounds will make killing high-level enemies easier.

To end our weapon loadout, equip the Devil’s Call submachine gun. This weapon is the final touch that will make you unstoppable against low-level enemies at close ranges because of its high fire rate and mobility. You can use this submachine gun instead of an assault rifle, as the Assassin’s Edge can handle enemies at medium ranges. The following is the best attachment combination for the Devil’s Call:

  • Expand Weapon Charge (level 2): +15.7% rounds per magazine.
  • Better Insight: +10% firearm critical hit rate.
  • Better Concentration: +19% firearm critical hit damage.
  • Fire Enhancement: Adds fire ATK equal to 8% of the firearm ATK.
  • Hawk-Eye: +11% accuracy.
  • Rifling Reinforcement: +12% firearm ATK.

Use the Devil’s Call when you feel overwhelmed by lots of enemies. The added rounds and high fire rate should be enough to kill most of them, leaving you some room to escape or use your abilities. Enhancing Expand Weapon Charge should be one of your priorities as the added ammo will come in handy when enemies rush you, so improve that module when you can.

The Best Lepic Build in The First Descendant

Now that we have chosen our weapons, we must find the best modules and items to equip our character. Modules will make your abilities more powerful, increasing their value and improving your chances of survival. Lepic is a character that specializes in dealing damage, so choosing modules that improve his shields, abilities, and health points will be mandatory to be effective in combat:

  • Agony (level 2): +2.7% max MP and +13.1% DEF.
  • Increased Shield: +15% max shield.
  • Skill Expansion: +12% skill effect range.
  • Shock Punch: Modifies the charged sub-attack.
  • Strong Mentality: -4% skill cost.
  • Increased HP: +22% Max HP.
  • Polygenic Antibody: +60 on all resistance attributes.
  • Nimble Fingers (level 2): -9.1% skill cooldown.

All these modules will enhance your offensive abilities and improve your defense. If you’re not careful, Lepic can die fast, so improving your health, shields, and resistance will pay off in later missions. The added cooldown and skill cost benefits will be helpful, as Lepic’s grenades will become your best ally.

Reactors and External Components

To finish the guide, you will equip a reactor and some external components to build the best Lepic in The First Descendent. You must use the following items:

  • Reactor: The Burning Mechanics Reactor
  • Auxiliary power: DEF Support Auxiliary Power
  • Sensor: Tomb Vanguard Sensor
  • Memory: HP Support Memory
  • Processor: DEF Support Processor

These items will further improve your defensive capabilities, giving you all the help when fighting high-damage enemies.

If you are starting your playthrough and don’t have some of these items or modules, don’t worry; you can find items that give your character similar benefits.

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