The Front: How to Cook Food on the Campfire

Learn how to cook on the campfire, and change survival settings in The Front here.

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The Front is a post-apocalyptic survival game, so you’ll need to keep track of your hunger and thirst. A key part of this is, of course, cooking. However, The Front will keep you guessing when it comes to cooking on a campfire. Here’s how to cook food on the campfire in The Front.

How to Cook Food on the Campfire in The Front

You’ll need to cook food to survive The Front, because wild berries can only last so long. You can easily hunt small wildlife like rabbits with the help of a standard wooden spear. Alternatively, you can set up fish traps if you’re camped by the ocean. The Campfire is one of the first crafting recipes you unlock, and it’ll be your main source of cooking. Unfortunately, the game won’t explain how to use it. Here’s how to cook food on the campfire:

  • Approach the campfire and press F to open.
  • Add wood to the Consumable Bar on the right.
  • Add meat/fish to the Inventory Bar on the right.
  • Select or search for your recipe on the left.
  • Select Activate on the right to start your fire.
    • This will continue to consume wood until deactivated.
    • Make sure to deactivate once you’re done cooking.
  • Select Craft from the center of the screen.

When you start up The Front in a solo server, you’ll be given Novice protection for the first bit of the game. This prevents you from dealing with hunger and thirst, which you’ll need to manage for the remainder of the game. However, if you join a public server, you’ll be grappling with your survival from the get-go. No matter how you start your adventure, cooking is a necessary skill.

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How to Change Survival Settings in The Front

If you’re playing on your own server or hosting, you can tinker with the Survival settings. This can greatly alter the ease or difficulty of your game. I recommend you experiment with them and see what works for you. Here are the survival settings you can change:

  • Max fullness multiplier.
  • Hydration from water multiplier.
  • Max hydration multiplier.
  • Max fullness multiplier.
  • Fullness from food multiplier.
  • Fullness loss multiplier.

Well, that’s all there is to know about how to cook food on the campfire in The Front. Stay tuned for more tips, tricks, and walkthroughs at our TF guides hub here.

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