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The Front: How to Get Salt and Salt Ore

Here's how to get and craft Salt in The Front.

The Front will have you searching high and low for most of your resources. You’ll need Salt for various recipes in the game, but how do you get it? Here you’ll find our complete guide on how to get Salt and Salt Ore in The Front.

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How to Get Salt and Salt Ore in The Front

There are a few ways to get Salt in The Front. Though, the ideal option will depend on where you spawned and set up your shelter. Salt can be found in the Desert region on the south of the map, but this area is incredibly far from most spawn points. You’ll unlock the ability to craft vehicles to get there quickly eventually, but you’ll need Salt before then. For this reason, I recommend you learn how to craft Salt on your own. Here’s how to craft Salt Ore and Salt:

  • Collect Stone from the ground or mine Ore with a Pickaxe to harvest stone.
  • Craft a Stone Furnace at a Crafting Table.
    • Select the Stone Furnace recipe from the left side.
      • x30 Stone, x8 Fiber.
  • Open up the Stone Furnace with F.
  • Add wood to the Consumable Bar on the right.
    • You’ll need to split the Wood stacks prior to this.
  • Transfer Stone to the Inventory Bar on the right.
    • You’ll need to split the Stone stacks prior to this.
  • Select the Advanced Refinement recipe from the left.
    • You’ll craft a randomized amount of Inorganic Salt Ore.
  • Craft a Chemist’s Bench from the Crafting Table.
    • x25 Stone, x35 Wood, x5 Iron Ingot.
    • Unlock the Chemist’s Bench in the Basic Tech Tree.
  • Follow the same crafting instructions at the Chemist’s bench to craft Inorganic Salt.
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Additionally, you can obtain Inorganic Salt Ore while collecting ore using a Manual Miner. However, the Manual Miner requires you to remain in the pilot seat, so this isn’t necessarily an ideal option. Though, if you’re going AFK, this could be the perfect way to collect the material.

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That’s all you need to know on how to get Salt and Salt Ore in The Front. Stay tuned for more tips, tricks, and walkthroughs at our TF guides hub here.

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