The Front: How to Install Doors and Windows

There's a lot to learn about The Front, we'll teach you how to place doors and windows on your bases in this guide.

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You’ll need to build structures to survive in The Front. You’ll be building from the get-go, with tasks that ask you to craft foundation and walls. Of course, you can’t have a building without windows and doors, so you’ll need those too. However, the game won’t tell you how to place the doors or windows. Here’s how to install doors and windows in The Front.

How to Install Doors and Windows in the Front

If you’re playing The Front, odds are you’ve gotten stuck a few times by the lack of instructions. The game will give you a task to place a Wooden Window and a Wooden Door, but it won’t tell you how. Most notably, you can’t install a door or window on a preexisting wall. Additionally, you can only install doors and walls on 1×1 walls as of right now. Here’s how to install doors and windows in The Front:

  • Craft a wall in your inventory.
  • Hold RMB to bring up a radial menu when placing the wall.
  • Select the Door Frame or Window Frame from the radial menu.
  • Place the door with LMB while selecting the correct Frame.
  • Select the crafted door or window from your inventory.
  • Place the door or window in the frame space with LMB.

Aside from being aesthetically pleasing, adding doors and windows protects the interior and gives you a view of what’s waiting for you before you head outside. I recommend you add a window to every side of your home. In the mood to redecorate? The only way to move or remove windows and doors is by destroying the entire wall. While tedious, you’ll receive your crafting materials back for a do-over.

That’s all you need to know on how to install doors and windows in The Front. Stay tuned for more tips, tricks, and walkthroughs at our The Front guides hub here.

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