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The Front: How to Recruit Followers

Find out how to recruit followers in The Front by following our quick step-by-step guide.

Recruiting followers may not be easy in The Front, but it’s definitely worth doing. You can later assign them to various tasks around your base, including defensive and crafting roles. You’ll need a hefty amount of resources and lots of patience before you can actually subdue some of the bandits. Our guide will provide you with tips on how to recruit followers in The Front, including a short list of their favorite foods.

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How to Recruit Followers in The Front

Followers are human bandits that you befriend using their favorite foods and, most importantly, signal jammers. You can find bandits in basic camps all over the map. Once you do, follow the steps I’ve listed below:

  1. Select a “Signal Jammer” in your Tech tree (2 Iron Ingot, 2 Tape, 2 Ether Shard).
  2. Approach an enemy and damage them without killing.
  3. Once an injured icon appears above the enemy’s head, throw a Signal Jammer or a few at them.
  4. Once they drop to their knees, you can interact with them by pressing the “F” key.
  5. Open their inventory and put their favorite food in their inventory, including:
    • Fish Pie
    • Meat on a Stick
    • Wild Berries

Now all you need to do is wait until they get tamed with their favorite foods. You can see the progress of taming by watching the two gauges for Chaos and Obedience. If you use the foods that I’ve mentioned above, then pretty soon their Chaos gauge will be depleted. At the same time, their Obedience gauge will start filling up. Note that this may take a while, depending on the types of foods and their quantities that you’ve put in their inventory.

It shouldn’t take more than 20 minutes of real time. Once they’re tamed, a Subdue menu will pop up and all you need to do at this point is confirm it. Then, the tamed bandit will follow you to your base, where you can give them tools or weapons and assign them to various roles by pressing the “F” key and selecting “Attach NPC”.

That’s all you need to know on how to recruit followers in The Front. Stay tuned for more TF tips and tricks articles right here.

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