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The Front: How to Smelt Ore

You'll want to know how to smelt ore in The Front, considering how important it is.

You’ll be mining ore from the beginning of your time playing The Front. Ore is a valuable resource for crafting items, and building your defense system. However, you’ll need to smelt ore to craft with it. Here you’ll find our complete guide on how to smelt ore in The Front.

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How to Smelt Ore in The Front

There’s only one way to smelt ore, and that’s with a Stone Furnace. The Stone Furnace is a recipe you’ll unlock in the Tech Tree. However, using the Stone Furnace is in itself confusing. Here’s how to smelt ore:

  • Approach the Stone Furnace and open it’s inventory with F.
  • Add Wood to the Furnace’s consumable bar on the right.
    • Make sure to split stacks prior to this.
  • Add Ore to the Furnace’s inventory bar on the right.
  • Select your crafting recipe from the left menu.
  • Select Activate to start the Stone Furnace.
  • Select Craft to smelt the ore.
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How to Craft a Stone Furnace for Smelt Ore In The Front

The game likes to hide things in plain sight, like the skill tree menu. It took me a while to figure out that you need to manually unlock new recipes from the Tech menu. Furthermore, you need to craft particular stations to use some recipes. Here’s how to craft a Stone Furnace for Smelt Ore:

  • Unlock the Crafting Table (level four) and Stone Furnace (level seven) recipes from the Basic Tech Tree menu.
    • Open your backpack and select the gear icon to view Tech Tree.
  • Craft a Crafting Table.
    • x7 Wood, x2 Tape, x1 Rope.
  • Place the Crafting Table.
  • Interact with the Table using F.
  • Select the Stone Furnace recipe from the left side.
    • x30 Stone, x8 Fiber.
  • Craft a Stone Furnace by dragging the required resources from your inventory to the Crafting Table’s inventory bar on the right.
  • Select Craft once the resources are in place.

That’s all you need to know on how to smelt ore in The Front. Stay tuned for more tips, tricks, and walkthroughs at our TF guides hub here.

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