The Legend of Legacy Elementals Guide: Singing Shard Locations

Check this guide out for information on Elementals and singing shard locations in The Legend of Legacy!

Check this guide out for information on Elementals and singing shard locations in The Legend of Legacy!
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All elemental skills in The Legend of Legacy revolve around singing and whispering shards. You have to contract elements and keep them on your side to use any of them. The system takes a bit to understand fully, but it is simple once you get the hang of it.

I’ll help explain how Elementals work and tell you where to get the shards needed to use them. Check out my Beginner Tips and Tricks for overall help with the game.

This guide will cover everything about Elementals in The Legend of Legacy including:

  • Elementals in Battle – Details on exactly what they do and how battles work.
  • Singing  Shard Locations – Where to get shards you need to use elemental skills.

Elementals in Battle

It is not apparent how Elementals work at first, even when you get the Water one. When you get more than one and start to see enemies use them in battle, it becomes clearer.

To use Elementals, you need to make a contract with them during battle. You need a singing Shard equipped to one of the accessory slots. When you do this, you’ll have a new skill in battle called, “Contract” for whichever element the singing shard is for. You must use this skill to bring the Elementals to your side so you can use your skills.

For example, if you have the skill, “Water Shield”, you must use “Water Contract” first. As long as you have a contract with Water, you can use Water Shield.

If an enemy contracts Water to their side, you need to use Water Contract again before you can use any Water skill. If this happens before you go, and you use a Water skill, it will fail. This turns the battle into an elemental tug of war

Field Power

legend of legacy elementals


The above picture shows the Elementals contracted on each side. The numbers show the power of each elemental on the field. The highest Elemental becomes the Field Power.

Each Elemental gives a different field power and every time you use a contract, it raises the number of that Elemental. So if you want the field power to be Air, for example, use Air Contract until it is the highest on the field. You can check this during battle by pressing. “Y” on your turn.

  • Water – Gives HP at the end of every turn.
  • Air – Gives SP at the end of every turn.
  • Fire – Increases damage dealt.

To use the elemental skills, you need the Whispering Shard with the right skill. You equip these just like the singing Shards. You can learn most of these skills permanently by using them enough during battle. When this happens, you won’t need the whispering shard equipped to use them.

You still need something equipped of that element to use the skills, and you still need to use the contract every battle.

For example, if you learn water shield, you can use it without the shard. If you equip another water whispering shard or the water singing shard, you can still use water shield. You can also still use them if you have a weapon equipped with a blue plus next to it.

This means the weapon is a water element weapon and allows you to use water elemental skills even if you don’t have any shards equipped. If you don’t have anything with the right element equipped, you can’t use elemental skills, even if you permanently learned the skills.

Singing Shard Locations

Now that you know how they work, you’ll want to know where to get the shards. Remember, you need some to have the Singing Shard equipped, then use the contract in battle before you can use the Whispering Shard skills. You get them from statue-like objects.

Water Singing Shard

You get this after the tutorial in the Forest Ruins.

Air Singing Shard

You get this from the 2nd Floor Tower in the Valley Ruins. You reach Valley ruins by either buying a map, or taking the exit in the southeast of Roaring Valley.

You have to freeze the water in the western area in the courtyard, and then enter the tower by the western entrance. You do this my interacting with the elemental stone to the west of the lake. Below is a map of the Courtyard.

legend of legacy reaching the air singing shard

When inside the tower, follow the map all the way around to the east and go up the rubble stairs. Follow the path to the west on the 2nd floor to get the Singing Shard.

Fire Singing Shard

You get this from the 2nd basement floor in the Seaside Ruins. You can get to the Seaside ruins by going through the north exit in the Shoreline Trail map in the Boling Sea.

Just go through the ruins and head down each set of stairs until you reach B2. Go to the middle of the map to find the Singing Shard.

That does it for my guide on Elementals and Singing Shard locations in The Legend of Legacy. Let me know if you need any more help or have any questions!

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