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The Order: 1886 – Collectibles Locations Guide

If you're looking to unlock the "Inspector First Class" trophy in The Order: 1886, here's your guide to finding all those collectibles.
This article is over 9 years old and may contain outdated information

The Order: 1886 is the latest single-player third-person shooter by Ready at Dawn, SCE Santa Monica Studio and published by Sony Computer Entertainment exclusively for PS4. The game takes place in an alternate history of London, where an you play among an old order of Knights bound to keep the world safe from half bred monsters–half-animal and half-man.

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If you’re like me, you’re certainly a player who enjoys hunting down every single collectible in the game to be the ultimate loot finder. Throughout the game you’ll encounter various types of collectibles to “inspect.” Finding and inspecting all of these will unlock some great trophies such as:

  • Inspector First Class (Gold): find all inspect items
  • Archivist (Silver): collect all phonograph cylinders
  • Well-read (Silver): inspect all newspapers
  • Detail Oriented (Silver): inspect all photographs and documents
  • Power of Observation (Silver): inspect all objects

Note: Some items can be turned over for more information and others in locked chests, so pay attention to the screen cues.

Happy Hunting!

This guide contains all the collectibles found throughout the game in Chapter I, Chapter II, Chapter III, Chapter IV, Chapter V, Chapter IX, Chapter XI, and Chapter XV.

Chapter I Locations
  • Newspaper: Mysterious Disappearances in Whitechapel

This can be found on the desk near the man cleaning the staircase banister.

  • Photo: Family Portrait

This photo can be found at the bottom of the stairs on the table near the man who’s sweeping.

  • Phonograph Cylinder: Le Morte d’Arthur

Near the man fixing the elevator, you’ll see the cylinder on top of the table on the right.

  • Paper: Theatre Flyer

Once you see the couple arm-in-arm, it’ll be on the trashcan on your left in the corner.

  • Object: Pocket Flask

Once you past the couple, with the man sitting in duress, near the officer; just past them by the produce stand on your left, it’ll be on top of the barrel.

Chapter II Locations
  • Photo: Tesla vs. Edison

This will be on the right work bench with the electrical equipment and the bulbs.

  • Object: Old Communicator

This will be on the center work bench with the Galton bomb plans spread out.

  • Paper: Brothel Flyer/Tesla Sketch

This will be on the left work bench with the bleakers and Bunsen burners. Tesla shows you the other collectibles once you approach him, so there’s no need to point these out.

Chapter III Locations
  • Newspaper: Karl Benz: Wunderbares Clara!

Run past the carriage and down the lane on the right. On the crate next to the trash on fire is the newspaper.

  • Object: Smoking Pipe

After helping the others through the blocked gate, head back up the stairs knocking down the weak boards, and enter the room on your right. The pipe will be right on the table.

  • Paper: Coffin Sleeping Flyer

In the Shelter hostel, enter the first room to locate the flyer on the crate.

  • Newspaper: Assault on Mayfair

After the cutscene, move past the marked door to find the newspaper will be on the barrel.

  • Photo: Prositute Ad

In the brothel, there will be a photo on one of the tables.

  • Object: Rebel Armband

This will be found on the roulette table.

  • Paper: King’s College Lecture

This will be found on the table by the main counter where no one is sitting; be sure to turn it over.

  • Phonograph Cylinder: Sons and Daughters of Britain

This is located on the crate in the back corner as you attempt to find your way to the hospital.

  • Phonograph Cylinder: The Anarchist 12.10.86

Climb out the window and move to your left around the corner to find a locked chest. Open it with your blade to find the phonograph.

  • Paper: Propaganda Cartoon

After the fight on your way to the rooftops, climb the stairs, turning left into the room to find the cartoon on top of a box.

  • Object: Stuffed Doll

As you make your way to meet up with Perceval and Igraine, climb through the apartment window to find the stuffed doll next to the oil lamp.

Little Big Planet‘s Sackboy makes an appearance
  • Paper: Central London Map/Rebel Hideouts

As you bring the Constable inside the building, the map will be on the table. Make sure you turn it over for hidden information.

  • Newspaper: Rule, Britannia! But where is the Queen?

After planting the thermite on the bridge, enter the building to enter the small room. There you’ll find the newspaper on the table near a door.

Chaper IV Locations
  • Paper: Hospital Patient List

Once in the hospital as you head upstairs, you’ll find the list on the reception table. Again, don’t forget to turn it over.

  • Photo: UIC Management

After your fight with the Lycan Elder, help Igraine into the ward. Here throughout the room you’ll find various collectibles. As soon as you leave her side, head to your left to the wall with the World map. The photo will be on the table on your left.

  • Paper: Airship Manifest

Across the room, on the long desk, you’ll find the manifest to the right of the table.

  • Phonograph Cylinder: All Through the Night

Go across the the hall and use your lockpick to unlock this door. Upon entering you’ll find this phonograph on the table.

  • Phonograph Cylinder: The Anarchist 29.09.86

Across the table to your right by the uniform rack, is a locked chest. Use your blade to open to find the phonograph.

Chapter V Locations
  • Object: Broken Music Box

Once on the Agamemnon, while facing the hatch, head right along the catwalk. You’ll find the music box on a wooden handcart.

  • Phonograph Cylinder: Agamemnon Christening

In the Crew area, as you first enter, turn left to find the phonograph on the handcart in the corner.

  • Newspaper: United India Company combination called “unholy”

As soon as you get out of the Mess Hall, look for room “Crew 15A.” You’ll find the newspaper right on the table.

  • Phonograph Cylinder: Evacuation Procedures

After the cutscene, follow Perceval to the Ship Security Area. The phonograph will be right on the desk to your right.

  • Paper: Armory Inventory

Upon entering the weapons hold area, this paper will be on the last table among tools.

  • Photo: Photo of Chefs

As you exit the kitchen, going through the corridor, the photo will be on a crate to the right.

Chapter IX Locations
  • Paper: Thames Tunnel Flyer

While following Lakshmi, the flyer will be on a worktable.

  • Phonograph Cylinder: The Anarchist 16.10.86

This phonograph will be found in a locked chest in the tunnel while moving along the rail.

  • Object: Wooden Mallet

Once you find your way back onto the street, walk around the platform to find a table with tools. There you’ll find the mallet.

  • Photo: Edison at UIH Building

While trying to help Lakshmi get to safety, next to the locked door, on the worktable is the photo.

  • Phonograph Cylinder: Cable From the New Continent

Upon following the catwalk into the next room, down to the security door, on the shelf will be the phonograph. Find this before returning to Lakshmi.

  • Newspaper: Inspector Slain in Whitechapel Gun Battle

After the brief fight, before meeting up with Lakshmi at the wagon, you’ll find the newspaper on your left on the worktable.

  • Photo: Elephant Transport

Inside the Booking Office, follow along the hallway to “Nestor C Office,” to locate the photo on the desk between the bookshelves.

  • Object: Model Ship

Just shy at the end of the hall, enter the “Carpinteron Room” to find the model ship on the table on your left.

  • Phonograph Cylinder: Cargo Inspection Log

Go down the stairs to where the women are waiting. Go around the corner to use your lockpick to open the “Receiving Room” door. You’ll find the phonograph right on the desk.

  • Paper: Union Flyer

Inside the “Munition Room,” you’ll enter the “Jointer’s Shop,” go around the corner under the staircase, to find the flyer on the desk.

  • Photo: UIC Guards

From above, go up the stairs to find the photo on the worktable.

  • Paper: Memo

Inside the Warehouse, upon entering, turn to your right to find the memo on the crate by the huge red oil drum (you can’t miss it).

  • Object: Original Light Bulb

On the other side of the room, you’ll find the light bulb on the desk.

Chapter XI Locations
  • Newspaper: Crystal Palace in Ruins after Airship Crash

Follow Lucan into the house, to find the newspaper on the table in the corner.

  • Photo: Soldier Francis with Malory and Alistair

In the next room, the photo is on the side table.

  • Phonograph Cylinder: The Anarchist 17.10.86

Once heading outside, before following Lucan, go down the stairs, to find a locked chest in the corner. Inside you’ll locate the phonograph.

  • Newspaper: District Paralyzed by Power Failure

As you’re looking for the key to unlock the gate, you’ll find an alcove. Near the ammo crate, on the worktable, you’ll find the newspaper.

  • Photo: Small Family Portrait

Upon entering the West Wing, the photo will be on a table.

  • Object: Tea Tin

At the United India House Courtyard, you’ll find a small storage room down the stairs. The tin will be right on the worktable.

  • Phonograph Cylinder: News From the East Indies

On the lower level of the main house, you’ll find the phonograph on the credenza, next to the phonograph player.

  • Paper: Death Announcement

Once you enter the weapons locker, you’ll find the announcement on the worktable.

  • Phonograph Cylinder: Ramayana, First Verse

Go up the spiral staircase to locate the long dining table. At the far end is the phonograph.

  • Newspaper: Rebels Spread Terror on Westminster Bridge

Right before entering the Archives, the newspaper will be on the table beneath the huge sailboat painting.

  • Paper: Letter from Darwin to Hastings

Inside the “Archives Room,” go to your right to find the letter on the desk.

  • Phonograph Cylinder: Chopin – Prelude in E-Minor

Go back around to the bookshelf, and open the drawer revealing the phonograph.

  • Photo: Statue of Liberty Under Construction

Head to the far end of the room to the fancy chest. On top you’ll find the photo.

  • Phonograph Cylinder: The Captain’s Testament

From above, turn around, head to your left, to the first bookshelf, and open the drawer to find the phonograph.

Chapter XV Locations
  • Newspaper: Lost Soul meets his Maker

While following the entry tunnel to the Platform lobby, you’ll find the newspaper on the cabinet in the left corner.

  • Paper: London Tunnel Map

In the generator room, turn left, to find the paper on the wooden crate next to the “Danger 600 Volts” sign.

  • Phonograph Cylinder: The Anarchist 29.11.86

In the Catacomb Crypts, at a dead end, you’ll find a locked crate. Inside you’ll find this phonograph.

  • Photo: Crate Delivery

In the sewer room, by Tesla’s lab, you’ll see an alcove to the right. The photo will be on the wooden crate.

Please be sure to keep your eyes out for other guides for The Order: 1886.

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