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The Pit, an endless runner, may be simple in nature, but that doesn't mean you won't want some starting helping.

The Pit, an endless runner, may be simple in nature, but that doesn't mean you won't want some starting helping.
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The Pit is a newly released endless running game for mobile devices, and after spending the past week with it, I have to declare it one of the easier games I have played on my smartphone.

Basically, there are only two functions you actually need to pay attention to in the game: ducking and jumping. Everything else is automatic.

Keep On Ducking!

The joy of an endless runner is that you really don’t need to control anything; the character simply runs forever without your help. Your job, as the player, is to surpass the obstacles blocking the path. These are relatively easy, even on the first playthrough.

At random intervals, you, the player, will be required to duck underneath large stone columns hanging from the sky or underneath low-hanging pipes. In order to accomplish this feat, simply hold your finger down on the touch-screen and your character will bunch up into a smaller square and zip under the obstacle.

Keep On Jumping!

The second move you can perform is a jump, which is accomplished by simply tapping the screen. Alternatively, you will jump automatically when you come out of a crouch.

The obstacles you must clear while jumping are a tad bit more diverse than those you will encounter while crouching. You will face off against spike walls, spinning blades, and gaps of varying lengths. A double jump can be performed by clicking the screen a second time while in mid-air, this will allow you to boost over an obstacle of greater lengths.

A Bit Extra for you Runners!
Collect Those Coins!

The entire point of the game is to make it as far as you can, but you need to grab the coins in order to unlock some new characters, too. Of course, you will unlock some by simply running, but you’re already on the straight-and-narrow path, so why not score some extra loot along the way?

It is okay to miss some of these coins. In fact, a off-timed double jump will ensure you miss one or two in your running career.


By combing your newfound abilities to effectively duck underneath obstacles and jump over others, you can tie them together to form a parkour-like effect. Ducking underneath a pillar just to jump over an oncoming object is satisfying.

You don’t need to hit the jump function whatsoever, as you will immediately launch into the air upon coming up from a duck maneuver. 

The Pit is such a simple game that I am sure you are going to master it within a few minutes of picking up your phone. To prepare yourself for running greatness, though, we’re always here to help!

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