The Riftbreaker Bioscanner Guide

How to unlock and then use the Bioscanner in The Riftbreaker.

How to unlock and then use the Bioscanner in The Riftbreaker.

How to use the Bioscanner in The Riftbreaker isn’t entirely obvious, as with many of the game’s mechanics. Heck, even how to unlock the Bioscanner isn’t straightforward.

Our guide will provide you with all tips and tricks on how to use Bioscanner in The Riftbreaker on both PC and consoles. You will find out that the Bioscanner can be used not only for collecting data on various species, but it can also give you an ability to farm alien resources.

How to Unlock Bioscanner

The Bioscanner is a special research tool that is directly connected to the Alien Research Laboratory building. So once you unlock the Alien Lab, you automatically unlock the Bioscanner.

You can find the Alien Lab in the following tech tree:

  1. Go to HQ 3
  2. Select “Liquids” option
  3. Click on “Alien Research” tab

Alien Laboratory can be built using the following materials:

  • 250x Carbonium
  • 500x Ironium

When the building is ready, you will gain access to the third research menu, which is Alien Research. In order to gain Alien Research points you need to use Bioscanner to scan extraterrestrial fauna and flora.

How to Use Bioscanner

You can distinguish alien creatures and plants by the special green glow that they emit. For example, acidic yeast at the acid biome can be researched using Bioscanner.

Once you find any alien flora or fauna with such a distinctive green glow, do the following steps:

  1. Press Mouse Scroll button on PC, or LB+RB on consoles
  2. This will activate the Bioscanner
  3. Direct it towards the object you wish to research
  4. Click on the object to activate the scanner
  5. Wait for research to complete

If you did everything right, then you will see a green laser beam scanning the object of your choice, collecting data. This process may take a while, so be patient.

One of the most efficient ways to use Bioscanner is for cultivating and harvesting any plants you want:

  1. Scan the resource you wish to farm
  2. Make sure that it appears in the in-game database
  3. Use Cultivator to plant it
  4. Farm it with the Harvester, once it grows

Lastly, if you’re having issues with scanning the moving targets, then you need to unlock Invisibility Module. In this way you won’t lose your target and scanning progress.

That’s everything you need to know on how to unlock and use Bioscanner in The Riftbreaker. If you want to know how to use Research Station, then check out this guide right here.

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