The Riftbreaker Research Station Overview

Find out what Research Station is actually all about in this guide to The Riftbreaker.

Find out what Research Station is actually all about in this guide to The Riftbreaker.

What you use the Research Station for in The Riftbreaker isn’t entirely obvious. It’s not used to garner Research Points like you might think, but the Research Station does have a purpose, including the Palladium questline. Instead, Research Points come from the Communications Hub.

This guide will explain how to use the Research Station in The Riftbreaker. Besides being one of the main elements of a certain mission, it can also be used in some other situations. You will learn everything about these strange objects right down below.

How to Use Research Station in The Riftbreaker

Palladium Questline Mission

During the Palladium questline you will be given a task to build Research Station at the Acidic Yeast Colony Root in the acid biome.

In this part of the mission you will have to locate an acidic plant, set up Research Station nearby, and make sure that the root is not destroyed. If you accidentally destroy the root, then you have two options:

  • You can find another plant and try setting up Research Station again
  • You can restart or refresh the map to go back to the first plant

If you want to know how to restart the map, then follow these steps:

  1. Press the “`” (tilde) key on your keyboard
  2. This will bring up the console
  3. Type in the following command: restart_map
  4. Press Enter to confirm

Once your map reloads you can go back to the acidic root and complete the mission successfully.

Energy Supplier

While the main purpose of the Research Station is to complete the Palladium quest, you can also use it to increase the energy efficiency of the solar panels, energy storage, and wind turbines.

You can place Research Stations next to any of these energy supplying stations and they will work as intended.

Unfortunately, there is a drawback to using Research Stations for this purpose, as they will attract extra waves of attacking enemies. But there is a way out:

  1. Set up an additional outpost on another biome
  2. Build more batteries and set up Research Station nearby
  3. Once the mobs attack you, jump to another outpost
  4. Wait for the timer to end and go back

This does require an extra set up, but you can avoid unnecessary collision with enemies while simply trying to play the game.

That’s all you need to know about the use of Research Station in The Riftbreaker. Look for more guides on The Riftbreaker coming to GameSkinny.

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