The Sexy Brutale Walkthrough – How to Solve the Murder of Tequila Belle

A guide to preventing the murder of the fourth guest in the ingenious puzzle game.

A guide to preventing the murder of the fourth guest in the ingenious puzzle game.

The Sexy Brutale is a deliciously dark murder mystery, where only you — Lafcadio Boone — can help stop numerous party guests from meeting their grisly ends. The puzzles start off fairly simple, but will soon require you to use a combination of acquired powers and the unique time travel mechanic to help save the attendees.

The fourth victim you need to save is Tequila Belle. The southern siren is tricked into using her powerful voice on stage in front of mosaic glass, which shatters and fatally wounds her. It may take a few attempts to understand how the staff and Tequila are involved, but the solution to preventing her death is actually very simple and doesn’t require any time travel. Read on to find out more!

Solving the Murder of Tequila Belle in The Sexy Brutale

Firstly, from your starting point on the first floor go to the room with the ice-cold barrier highlighted below. You’ll now be able to see that the barrier is actually three ghosts, since the mask you received from Willow makes them visible. Talk to them, and they’ll let you past.


Move quickly to the music practice room with the record player in, marked below by the bloody shield.


In here, remove the vinyl record from the player.


The clock is still ticking, so hurry eastward and go to the storage closet in Tequila Belle’s dressing room.


Once there, put the vinyl record you just picked up onto the record player.


Head back to the atrium on this floor, south of the concert room. This is marked by the bloody shield below.


You need to wait for the murderous staff pianist to hear the noise of the record, and leave to investigate.


Once he does, go inside the concert hall and grab the red key from the piano, marked with a yellow circle.


Hurry now, as this is critical! Rush back to Tequila Belle’s dressing room and lock the door to the storage cupboard using the key you just collected.


That’s it! The pianist is locked in and can no longer play the song which caused Tequila’s voice to fatally shatter the glass.

Great work — you’ve saved Tequila Belle and have gained the use of her mask! This allows you to shatter vases and windows made from mosaic glass, which the lady in red gets you to demonstrate on the back window.

As a reward for your success, the lady pushes you through the hole to the floor below. There’s nothing like a bit of encouragement to solve the next murder… You’re halfway through — don’t lose hope!

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